Something I thought hardcore fans would enjoy hearing about - it's said that Bobby's junkyard is outside of Sioux Falls South Dakota. It's portrayed in the show as being the type of small town where everyone knows each other, but it's actually the largest city in South Dakota. I had seen mentioned that somewhere it was said to be in Sioux County. There is no Sioux County South Dakota, but there is a Sioux County just a few counties away from it in Iowa.

Anyway, there really was a junkyard outside of Sioux Falls up until the mid 00's, and the irony of it is that for years, there was a Ghostbuster's car parked near the fence, clearly visible from the highway. I don't know if it was a detailed reproduction or one of the actual vehicles used in filming (I understand at least one of the vehicles was given away as a prize), but I love the thought that maybe Bobby had a Ghostbusters car from the 80's parked somewhere on his property.

Please Send Help Edit

Bobby Singer hi sorry to interupt your time but I think I need help first off the Sulphur and the hot and cold spot is in Wall way and one section of my door as an Electric Metric Field that leads of Sulphuric Dioxide Smell inside and my room that might I'm not saying it might be nothing but I think it's Demonic.

Uh.... Excuse me, but what you're doing is called spamming. So, this is me asking you nicely to stop. I will not ask again. -- ImperiexSeed, 11:22 AM, September 4th 2012

Heaven? Edit

Is it ever definitively established that Bobby went to Heaven? In Of Grave Importance, Annie and Bobby both seem to suspect that ghosts who don't go with their reapers after dying and eventually have their remains destroyed don't go anywhere, it's just oblivion for them. I haven't watched beyond Season 7, so there's definitely the chance it's been clarified. Damaijin (talk) 03:00, October 2, 2019 (UTC)

Bobby first went to hell in Survival of the Fittest, after his flask was burned, then after he was saved from Hell by Sam he was brought to Heaven in Taxi Driver.
It would be good, if you continue watching Supernatural, because to me it feels like I spoilered you, by telling what you wanted to know.--Mgdodl (talk) 05:33, October 2, 2019 (UTC)

Bobby went to Hell after Survival of the Fittest due to Crowley's manipulations but was rescued by Sam in Taxi Driver and sent to Heaven. His presence there was confirmed in Inside Man where he helped Sam and Cas break in.--WarGrowlmon18 (talk) 06:23, October 2, 2019 (UTC)

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