T. Boulton is a sheriff's deputy in Shreveport, Louisiana.


After being alerted by the Styne Family that hunter Dean Winchester was coming to town, Sheriff Landels and Deputy Boulton pulled Dean over in the Impala. On the signal of Sheriff Landels, Deputy Boulton smashed the Impala's rear blinkers to give the two cause to pull Dean over and arrest him.

Later, in the sheriff's station, Deputy Boulton sits with Dean handcuffed to a chair at his desk and looks through Dean's fake IDs. After Deputy Boulton mentions "they" talking about Dean, Dean realizes that the two law officers are working for the Stynes. Deputy Boulton refuses to answer any question and asks Dean who he is to have a trunk full of weapons that includes ninja stars. Telling the deputy that he is going to escape shortly, Dean knocks Deputy Boulton's mug containing his pens off of his desk.

Thinking its just an immature display, Deputy Boulton bends down to pick up the mess. As the deputy kneels down, Dean hits him in the face, knocks him to the ground and pins his arm. Dean demands the deputy's keys and once he has them, kicks Deputy Boulton in the face, knocking him unconscious. Dean then frees himself and takes the deputy's gun to confront the sheriff.



  • While his name is not given on-screen, his nametag reads T. Boulton.
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