The Darkness is coming, it's so peaceful. It's coming for all of us.
— Sydney's last words

Sydney was a resident of Fall River, Massachusetts.


Sydney is dumped by her boyfriend, causing her to feel sad. She runs into a young girl dressed in black in a bar parking lot, who offers to give her instant bliss. Sydney is incredibly thankful and asks if the girl is an angel, which angers her, prompting said girl to consume her soul.

While investigating the death of Mr. Pinksy, Sam and Dean pay her a visit and she tells them that Mrs. Pinksy has a lover and gives the brothers the address. When Sam and Dean reach the house, they find both the lovers dead. Sam finds the son, Jordan, tied up in a closet. After Sam disarms himself to help the boy out of his bindings, Jordan notices Sydney behind Sam who is armed with a shotgun, forcing Sam to surrender.

Sydney manages to tie both Sam and Dean up, and tells them her plan to make them an offering to Amara. She reveals that she killed the couple because the lover was the very boyfriend who dumped her and the woman was once her employer and was screwed over by her. She plans to take care of Jordan herself, adding that Jordan's parents were abusive. Sydney claims Amara made her feel like a new person.

As Sam and Dean break out of their bindings, Sam starts provoking Sydney with questions about Amara. He and Dean then attack her and avoid her gun shots, but it is Len who kills her with a hatchet.


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