Swordsman is the application of using a blade in the art of combat.

Characters with this ability Edit

Master Swordsman  Edit

  • Alternate Michael - Michael shows high proficiency in swordplay, easily deflecting Gabriel's blows, although he chose to use hand-to-hand combat to finish him off.
  • Gabriel - Gabriel displayed great swordsmanship profiency, showing impressive moves with a sword, fighting sporadically and swiftly. He even held off Michael from the Apocalypse World in a sword fight but eventually proved no match for him.
  • Lucifer - Although rarely using blades, he was still capable in swordsmanship, defeating several demons with aid from Castiel with a single Angel Blade despite being weakened.
  • Castiel  – Castiel is highly proficient in swordplay. His profiency in swordsmanship is shown by how he is capable of easily defeating other Angels as well as inhuman beings with angelic weaponry even when up against several opponents. At one point, he was able to fight against the stronger Gog wielding a large sword using an Angel Blade for a reasonable length of time due to his superior skill, managing to hit him once, before being overpowered.
  • Sam Winchester - Although using bladed weapons less often than his older brother and not being as proficient as Dean, Sam is still shown to be considerably capable in swordplay, displaying the ability to wield bladed weapons, often knives but sometimes also Angel Blades and other weapons with blade-like appearance with great profiency, managing to kill off physically more powerful creatures using only a Knive or improvised swords.
  • Angels – Several of them are capable of wielding an Angel Blades. Many of the angels are skilled in killing swarms of Demons, angels, and monsters with just the blade on hand.
  • Crowley – He is shown very capable in wielding an Angel Blades. Crowley is capable of easily disarming foes and killing them off-guard.
  • Dean Winchester - Repeatedly, Dean displayed outstanding skill in swordsmanship, wielding blade-like weapons or knives with great skill to defeat physically more powerful creatures. At one point, he was able to use the broken pieces of an Angel Blade to overwhelm Magog wielding his sword and eventually use Magog's sword to kill him and another occasion, he used a shovel as an improvised weapon to briefly trade blows with Ramiel wielding the Lance of Michael. While wielding Alternate Kaia's spear, Dean was able to use it with even greater profiency than she did, allowing him to trade blows with the Alternate Michael better than she did and forcing him to use more effort in dodging Dean's slashes and twirls.
  • Ramiel - Due to his millennia of experience, Ramiel was an excellent swordsman as he was able to wield the Lance of Michael with outstanding skill to easily critically injure the Seraphim Castiel and also battle and overwhelm Sam, Mary and Dean Winchester with ease, using the lance's blunt points to hit them nonfatally and quickly disarming Dean of the hatchet he used to fight back Ramiel.
  • Lily Sunder - Having spent a century bent on revenge, Lily trained herself in wielding an Angel Blades. She was capable of killing several trained angels in combat and leave unharmed. The greatest display of her skilled was when she held her own against former angel garrison captain Ishim before being overpowered.
  • Cain - Wielder of the First Blade and Father of Murder, Cain was proficient in swordsmanship, using the First Blade to slaughter the Knights of Hell and lesser Demons with ease.
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