And what are we supposed to do with this, Dean? Give it a booster shot?
Sam, holding what's left of the sword after Dean blew up the stone it was encased in with C4.
in Like a Virgin

The Sword of Bruncvik is a dragon-killing sword made by Eve using Hypolyes' blood along with other special swords that can kill dragons as well.



Dr. Visyak, who owned the Sword of Bruncvik, told Dean that finding it took two decades, countless hours, and some really bad sex with an eastern European ambassador. She described it as the love of her life.

Season 6Edit

Dean: What kind of blade?
Dr. Visyak: One forged with dragon's blood.
Dean: So you need one to kill one, but you gotta kill one to make one... how does that work out?
Dean and Dr Visyak on How to Kill a Dragon
in Like A Virgin

Dean with what's left of the sword

Upon Bobby's advice, Dean visited Dr. Visyak on how to deal with dragons; specifically how to kill one. The doctor replied that dragons can only be killed with a blade that was forged in their kin's own blood. Dean noted the conundrum: something like that can only be made by killing a dragon, which cannot be done without such a blade at one's disposal in the first place. Fortunately, Visyak happens to have one in her possession. The sword is bound to a stone to protect it, and Dr. Visyak told Dean that, according to the lore, only a knight ready to slay a dragon can pull the sword from the stone. Dean was unable to extract the sword so he resorted to plastic explosives, which, although freed the sword from the stone, also broke the sword in half. Dr. Visyak gave a horrified look at the broken, priceless sword.

Sam: And what are we supposed to do with this, Dean? Give it a booster shot?
Dean: It's what we got. All right? We're just gonna have to get a little closer. That's all. Where are we on the caves?
Sam and Dean as they discuss what to do with the broken sword
in Like A Virgin

When Sam and Dean tracked down two dragons who have been kidnapping women, Sam used it successfully to kill one of them while the other escapes. The current whereabouts of the sword is unknown.


In Mythology, Bruncvik is a hero from Czech legends who left his wife to go pursue adventures in foreign lands. Along the way he acquired a magical sword that had the ability of chopping of heads with a simple command: "Blade, heads off". Later he encounters a white lion battling a nine-headed monster and he helps slay the monster. He and the lion become friends and travel together.



  • In Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, Dr. Visyak wrote that the dragon-killing swords were forged with the blood of Hypolyes, a dragon who willingly sacrificed his life to help Eve, who realized her dragons were so powerful that they could destroy the other children she created.
  • The Sword of Bruncvik, along with the Excalibur, the Sword of St. George and other 2 or 3 unknown swords is one of the few remaining swords created by Eve.
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