I've seen a lot of awful things, stuff of nightmares, but you? You're the good dreams. The things you can do. The scene with the tacos. It made me want to join a mariachi band just to be near you.
— Dean to Suzy
in Rock and a Hard Place
Suzy Lee is a former porn star-turned chastity counselor.

Early LifeEdit

She starred in a series of Dean's favorite, Casa Erotica DVDs. Due to unknown reasons, she gave up that line of work and began her stint as a chastity counselor.

Season 9Edit

Dean and Sam first come in contact with Suzy at a purity meeting. Dean, strikes up a conversation with her because he seemed to remember her from somewhere. Suzy suggests some books to help Dean with his new found chastity. Dean later offers to walk her home to protect her. When they reach her place, Dean attempts to woo her but they end up praying for the missing group members. When Suzy excuses herself, Dean comes across some Casa Erotica DVDs that Suzy starred in as "Carmelita," and realizes that it is where he knew her from. When Suzy returns, she and Dean discuss her past, with Suzy wanting to distance herself from it, and Dean telling her she doesn't need to be embarrassed about her past. Dean insists that she's a legend, but Suzy says that she's not that girl anymore. He assures her that she's the good dreams and that the people of Hartford don't appreciate her and all of the things that she can do. She is flattered by this and one thing leads to another and they break their purity pledge, by having sex.

This prompts Vesta to kidnap them, and place them in the underground bunker with the rest of the missing group members. She was later saved along with the others, by Sam and Jody.


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