This unnamed man was the father of Suzie.

Background[edit | edit source]

This man is first shown talking on the phone in his office. On the orders of her mother, Suzie takes the laundry basket downstairs and walks past her father's office along the way.

Suzie's father is talking to a man named Ted about the house. Aside from a few minor fixes, he believes the house is beautiful. He bought it the minute the house hit the market. Clearly, he does not regret this decision.

Unfortunately, the house was used by the Men of Letters as a hiding place for the dangerous Werther Box. Suzie discovers said Box in the basement and accidentally activates it. The Box's defense mechanisms reacts and knocks Suzie out, while it enters everyone else in the house in the form of green smoke.

When Suzie wakes up she rushes upstairs. She enters her father's office first and asks to know where her mother is. Instead of a response, Suzie discovers her father's body on the floor in a puddle of blood, next to a hand gun. The Box's defense mechanism had driven the man to commit suicide. Suzie bears witness to her brother Brad hanging himself and her mother slitting her own throat, also as a result of the Box.

The death of Suzie's father and the rest of her family permanently traumatizes Suzie.

When the Werther Box is opened again, years later, Suzie begins hallucinating and sees her entire family, each one pale with injuries caused by the respective suicides.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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