Susan Thompson is the former owner of an old hotel, haunted by a ghost.


Season 2Edit

Due to business not being great, Susan decided to sell the hotel and move to the city with her mother and daughter. Then, people started dying in her hotel. First, the retail agent and then the man moving the things to Goodwill. Then, Sam and Dean arrive, and she tells them they are probably their last guests. During their stay, they come to her door and Dean claims Sam loves dolls. This confuses her, but Sam (unhappily) confirms it. She lets them into her room.

Later, one of the corporate guys come back for her to sign off the last remaining documents. She asks him what they're going to do with the place and he tells her they want to demolish it, and he dies soon after that discussion. Then, Susan catches Sam and Dean in her mother's room and kicks them out of the hotel. As she is loading the car, she notices strange things happening, and then her car tries to run her over; but, she is saved by Sam after he leaps in front of the oncoming vehicle and shoves her out of its way. After helping her and saving Tyler, she thanks the two as she leaves. She also gives Sam a hug.[1]



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