Susan Fletcher was an in-patient at Glenwood Springs Psychiatric Hospital who died there, reportedly by committing suicide.


Susan was schizophrenic and was admitted to Glenwood after the tragic death of her son. She met with Dr. Fuller after her roommate, Annie, reportedly committed suicide and she subsequently stopped taking her medicine.

Susan told the doctor she knew her son was a hallucination, but "the monster" was real.

She told the doctor she stopped taking her medicine because it made her sleep, and she didn't want to sleep because because then "the monster" would come for her, as it had for Annie. The doctor told her she was grieving and confused and just seeing things, but she protested that she knew the difference between her 'real' hallucinations and the monster.

Later, Susan watched in horror as an unseen force removed the grate from the air vent in her room. She pounded on her door and screamed for help, to no avail. She was later found dead, with both wrists slashed.


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