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Susan is a Leviathan and Dick Roman's personal assistant.


Season 7[]

Susan is shot in the head by Bobby.

Susan accompanies Dick Roman to the complex where Dr. Gaines has synthesized a food additive which he has put into the turducken. Dick is not happy as the 'failures' have made the papers, due to their killings of locals and holiday makers.

More importantly, Dick points out, they've broken his golden rule - there's no such thing as monsters. As punishment he 'bibs' Dr. Gaines - literally placing a plastic bib on him, and making him eat himself. Susan then removes the goo stained bib. Later, she attacks Bobby as he tries to escape, but he shoots her in the head with one of Dick's guns. However, the wound quickly heals.[1]

Susan hands over the tablet to Dick and he then orders her to have a reporter, Gloria, killed and replaced and to barbeque her corpse. Susan smiles and heads off to carry out her instructions.[2]

Susan brings the real Dick Roman's severed arm.

Dick charges her with making copies of the treaty he's made with Crowley. She also brings him the arm of the real Dick Roman, and later stops Kevin Tran from leaving the building.[3]

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Invulnerability - Susan was unaffected by the gun shot wound to the head.
  • Regeneration - Susan was able to heal the bullet wound to her head within seconds.


As a low-ranking Leviathan, Susan possessed all Leviathan weaknesses.

  • Higher Leviathans - Susan was subservient to Dick Roman.


Susan rarely speaks but is always composed and obedient to the head, Dick Roman.



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