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Demonic handcuffs, jackass. No flicking, no teleporting, no smoking out.

The supernatural handcuffs are metal handcuffs etched with different anti-supernatural runes, that can bind a supernatural being, and make them powerless. The cuffs work on demons, angels, reapers, and probably other supernatural creatures.


These handcuffs are etched with various supernatural symbols, including a pentagram. When a supernatural entity is cuffed by their vessel's wrists, all of their powers will be blocked.

According to Cecily, the handcuffs cannot come off by supernatural means, and they can only come off by using a special key. Even a strike from the Archangel Blade can't break them and instead causes the imprisoned being to be flung backwards at great force.

Beings Affected by Them[]


  • Sam and Dean used the supernatural handcuffs to incapacitate and capture Crowley, when Dean slipped them on him. The handcuffs were kept on Crowley while he was in the Winchesters' captivity.
  • After finding and freeing Linda Tran, Sam and Dean held Del captive using the supernatural handcuffs.
  • When Sam and Dean tracked Crowley down, they re-bound him with the supernatural handcuffs for a short time while Crowley detoxed from his blood addiction.
  • Sam and Dean bound Gadreel with the supernatural handcuffs after capturing him in Ogden, Utah. The cuffs remained on Gadreel afterwards, until Metatron freed him during the Winchesters' hostage exchange with him.
  • Dean used the supernatural handcuffs to capture Tessa after tracking her down as one of the suicide bombers among Castiel's army.
  • Castiel and Gadreel slipped the supernatural handcuffs on Cass as part of their prisoner-and-escort ruse to infiltrate Heaven.
  • Sam captures a demon, Dar, with the supernatural handcuffs and tortures her in order to get her to tell him where Dean and Crowley are.
  • Sam used the handcuffs to capture Demon Dean.[1] He kept Dean bound in them while curing him with purified blood.[2]
  • Metatron was bound by them while held prisoner by Sam and Dean.[3]
  • Metatron was once again bound by them when Castiel and Bobby Singer broke him out of Heaven's dungeon.[4]
  • Metatron remained bound by them as he helped Castiel search for his grace. He was released by Castiel to help him search, leading to his escape.[5]
  • After capturing Castiel, Efram and Jonah used a pair of handcuffs to bind him. Under the control of the Attack Dog Spell, Castiel managed to overcome their power and telekinetically push spikes out of his head.[6]
  • Sam and Dean kept Castiel chained with a pair of the handcuffs while they tried to figure out how to break the Attack Dog Spell. He later escaped them.[7]
  • While going after The Darkness in Crowley's lair, Sam chose to restrain demons with the handcuffs rather than kill them. Sam was able to restrain two of the three demons he faced, though he had to kill a third when he couldn't defeat him otherwise.[8]
  • Dean attempted to use these handcuffs to capture Lucifer but he could not be contained by them and burned them off.[9]
  • After finding the weakened Gabriel, the Winchesters bound him to a metal fixture with the handcuffs so that Gabriel couldn't get away again.[10]
  • While confronting Michael, Sam set him ablaze with holy fire and Castiel bound him so that Michael couldn't get away again.[11]
  • Castiel lured Michael into being trapped in a circle of Holy Fire before Sam and Dean showed up with the handcuffs to bind him. While restrained, Michael showed himself able to fight the weakened Seraphim, cause the bunker to shake when he was in distress, and create a 12 hour rift to Purgatory. However, he still needed Dean to release him from the cuffs.[12]
  • Mrs. Butters traps Jack in the cuffs and Dean's attempts to break them with the Archangel Blade only results in Jack getting blown back with great force. By positioning Jack in front of the door, Dean is able to break them free of the dungeon by striking the cuffs with the archangel blade, propelling Jack backwards through the door.[13]