Jesse is currently hiding from angels, demons and humans

Dean: how do we find him. 

Castiel: With the boys powers, we can't. Not unless he wants to be found.

Castiel and Dean Winchester in I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Supernatural Concealment is the power to hide oneself from anything, including angels, demons, etc. This can also be used to shield themselves (or their true forms) from creatures with Supernatural Perception (i.e., Edgar was able to mask his presence to take two angels by surprise).

Characters with this abilityEdit

  • Primordial Entities
    • God - God can only be found if he wants, he is in fact so powerful that even Amara or Death can't find him. While taking the form of Chuck, he was able to conceal himself from the Angels. Even the ones who saw him and would recognize his presence, such as Raphael. He was also able to conceal himself from the necklace that apparently burns hot in his presence.
    • Amara - While God could hide himself from Amara, she also was able to hide herself from God. However, Donatello was able to sense her presence.[1]
    • Gabriel - Gabriel lived among deities for centuries and concealed the fact that he was an archangel from them. After faking his death by Lucifer, Gabriel went onto hide himself from both God, Lucifer and Heaven for eight years.
    • Lucifer - He was able to conceal himself from Amara.
  • Angelic Beings
    • Grigori - The first watcher angels were able to hide from their angel brethren for thousands of years. Until the case with Tamiel, they were thought extinct but some are said to still be around.
  • Higher Beings
  • Hybrids
    • Nephilim
      • Jack - When he decided he does not want to be found, Jack was subsconsciously able to block out the attempts of Lucifer, Asmodeus' and the Angel's to find him.
    • Cambion
      • Jesse Turner - According to Castiel, Jesse is hidden from angels, demons and humans unless he wants to be found.
  • Deities
  • Demons
    • Ruby - Using her knowledge of witchcraft, she produced hex bags capable of concealing herself and the Winchesters from angels and demons.
  • Humans


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