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Supernatural: The Unholy Cause is the fifth tie-in novel in the Supernatural series. The story that shows a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers that takes place during Season 5 of the TV series. It was written by Joe Schreiber and published on May 4, 2010.


Way back in 1862, Confederate Captain Jubal Beauchamp leads a charge across a Georgia battleground... Fast forward to present day and a Civil War re-enactment on the same site becomes all too real. When Sam and Dean head down South to investigate, they discover that the past really isn't dead...

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

Featured Supernatural Creatures[]


Sam remembers back when he was actively drinking demon blood in Season 4.


  • Antagonists: Judas Iscariot and Tommy McClane.
  • Sam says that weapons with demon blood on them can kill a demon.
  • Judas says that Jesus was no God, while Castiel disagrees.
  • The working title of this book before it was changed was Supernatural: Dark History.