Supernatural: Rising Son #5 is the fifth edition of the second title released by DC's WildStorm in the Supernatural universe. The edition was released in August 27, 2008.


After John's shattering realization last issue, he must come to terms about the possibility of who or what Sam is – and what to do about him. But will his decision be made for him when Sam disappears from their motel room? Could the mysterious black car that's been following them hold the answer?


Now aware that human hunters have targeted his son Sam for execution, John Winchester has taken it upon himself to track them down first before Sam's life is placed in even greater jeopardy. Taking a human life, even that of a cold blooded killer, doesn't sit well with John, but its a sacrifice he's willing to make to protect his family. What troubles him more is that Dean has now taken a human life as well.

John drives Sam and Dean to a backwater town in Mississippi called Daleville. They hole up inside an abandoned farmhouse with a good vantage point of the outlying area. A group of hunters manage to track them down however and Sam is placed inside a cellar. Dean and John arm themselves and begin firing shots at the hunters. They quickly realize that their bullets are ineffective and it quickly becomes clear that these hunters are actually demons. They restock their rifles with rounds filled with rock salt and John carves a binding circle onto the ceiling of the farmhouse. The demons enter the house and find themselves trapped within the walls of the circle. One of the demons taunts John Winchester, telling him that Sam's old school teacher, Ms. Lyle was actually a powerful demon named Lilith. John sets the house on fire and the children and he escape.

The Winchesters drive to Illinois where John drops the boys off with some family friends, Bill and Pam. None of them yet realize that Pam is actually Lilith in disguise.



  • Illinois
    • Libertyville


  • Susan Lyle from issues 1-2 is revealed as Lilith in this issue. Lilith was introduced in Season 3 of the television series.
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