Supernatural: Rising Son #4 is the fourth edition of the second title released by DC's WildStorm in the Supernatural universe. The edition was released in July 23, 2008.


John's decision to start his son Dean down the road to the dark world of Hunting has left him unsure about what to do with his younger son, Sam. There's something special about Sam — but is that quality to be nurtured or feared? Could a mysterious woman trailing the trio hold the answer?


An albino hunter named Anderson encounters the Winchester family as they are driving down a dark stretch of highway late at night. Fearful of an attack, John levels his shotgun at Anderson, but the albino tells him that he knows about the death of the hunter known as Silas. Anderson invites John to a nearby barn so they can discuss the situation in close quarters. Upon entering however, Anderson's henchmen, also hunters, jump John and tie him to a chair. As he struggles, he manages to fire a flare out the window, warning the boys to get away. Dean sees the flare, hops into the driver seat of the Impala and speeds off.

In the barn, Anderson tells John that before he died, Silas wrote the words "kill him" on a wall in his own blood. He determines that the target of the message is young Sam Winchester, whom he believes will one day lead the armies of Hell. John refuses to believe such a tale, and soon frees himself. Though he takes out a few of the hunters, Anderson manages to elude his grasp. John hijacks an eighteen-wheeler and goes off to find his boys.

Anderson finds them first however, cowering inside a darkened room at a Lucky 7 Motel. He drags them out into the middle of the road where he plans on killing Sam. John arrives just in time and nearly runs Anderson town with his rig. Exiting the vehicle, John gets into a fistfight with Anderson and manages to stab him in the side. Anderson picks up John's shotgun and holds him at bay. Dean meanwhile, produces a handgun and shoots Anderson, killing him. Later, John takes the boys out into a field to watch the sun rise.



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