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Supernatural: Rising Son #2 is the second edition of the second title released by DC's WildStorm in the Supernatural universe. The edition was released in May 28, 2008.


John Winchester is haunted by his past and fears his future. The death of his wife Mary left him broken, but the revelation that his son Sam might have a connection to the dark world of the supernatural might be too much much to bear. Is he willing to sacrifice Dean to protect Sam from a lifetime of horrors?


John Winchester enrolls Sam in public school. He's trying desperately to give him something resembling a normal life. Sam becomes the star pupil of teacher Ms. Susan Lyle.

John meanwhile gets a job working for a mortgage company. When one of his clients, Mrs. Iris Levitan fails to pay her mortgage, John goes out to her home to ask for payment only to discover that Mrs. Levitan is possessed by a demon. John impales her with a broken chair leg then returns home to see his children.

After several weeks, the Winchesters form a friendship with Sam's teacher Mrs. Lyle. She comes over to their home several times and makes them dinner. Dean begins to suspect that something is wrong with her when he notices that she casts a strange shadow. He tells his father about it and it quickly becomes clear that Ms. Lyle is a demon.

Ms. Lyle abducts Sam and takes him out to the Crossroads. John tracks her down in his Impala and draws his rifle. Ms. Lyle uses her magic abilities to create an animated monster out of railroad tracks and metal debris. The creature lumbers after John as Dean watches from the car in horror.