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First issue.

Supernatural: Rising Son is the second prequel comic book spin-off to the TV series Supernatural. The story is set around 1990, when Dean is 11 and Sam 7.


Set a few years after Supernatural: Origins, the story picks up with an 11-year-old Dean and a 7-year-old Sam traveling with their father, John. "Whereas the first series was more about John and his becoming a hunter, this one's much more of a dysfunctional-family story," explains writer Peter Johnson, who's also a co-executive producer onthe TV show. "We're really going to explore the differences between Sam and Dean in this one. Dean is becoming aware of what his dad's up to and we'll see him training and hunting a little bit, while John will start to key in on something different about Sam." ...Johnson says readers should expect "freakier monsters," including "some badass female villains and a big bad villain that may have something to do with the TV show." Some familiar faces, including fellow hunter Bobby, also show up.

Publication history[]

Although Peter Johnson (who also wrote Origins) writes Rising Son, a new artist was used - Diego Olmos. The first issue was released on April 23, 2008. A new collection featuring all six issues of the Rising Son comic was released on April 29, 2009.




  • The title was originally named "Supernatural: Revelations"; the change to "Rising Son" was first announced in article.
  • An episode of Supernatural: The Anime Series adapted "Rising Son" into an episode, with some alterations (for example, an unnamed black-eyed demon possesses Lyle rather than Lilith).