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Supernatural: Origins #1 is the first edition of the first title released by DC's WildStorm in the Supernatural universe. The edition was released in July, 2007.


John Winchester is looking for answers. He has seen his wife die in an unimaginable way and no-one can explain what happened. The fire brigade tell him that the house was burned so badly that they couldn't identify how it started and the police have decided it was an accidental death caused by faulty wiring. He hasn't been to work in weeks and he and the boys are staying with a friend. One Friday night, John goes out to a bar, hustling his way through a few games of pool in order to get a little extra money, until he gets into a fight. The fight is broken up by a woman called Missouri Moseley who tells John that she is a psychic. He doesn't believe her until she mentions Dean and Sam - and then he starts to listen.

A week later he visits Missouri in her trailer and she reveals the truth to him - there is evil in the world, and that is what killed Mary. She tells him that she can help him to find out exactly what happened, but it will take a sacrifice from him. She needs a part of him, so with pliers in her hand, she removes one of his fingernails. They sit together and Missouri begins to see some visions: a blue door, a weather vane, a water tower, a street sign and, eventually, two words written on a wall - "WE'RE COMING". Believing it to be a warning, Missouri and John follow the signs from the vision and arrive at the house. They can hear a faint child's voice coming from inside the house. Following the sounds, the enter the basement, noting the smell of blood all over the floor. When they find the source of the voice, it is just a toy. Confused, they turn around and discover the message from the vision, written in blood on the wall. Except what Missouri saw in her vision was only part of the message. It now says "WE'RE COMING FOR THE CHILDREN".

Fearing it was all a diversion to get to Dean and Sam, John drives back to his friends house, where the boys are sleeping. Horrified, he walks in to find blood everywhere and the remains of his friend. He dashes upstairs to the boys, finding them safe and sound. Missouri tells John that he needs to take the boys and leave immediately. She hands him a demonic looking tooth she found in the remains. It belonged to whatever killed Mary and Missouri believes that it will help John find it.

Back-up Story[]


Dean and Sam in a motel.

Sam and Dean Winchester have gone to the pool in the motel they're staying in, only to find it filled with rubbish and no water. Sam reminds Dean that it is their mother's birthday that day and asks how old she would be. Dean answers that she would be 34 and when Sam asks how she died, Dean tells him that it was a car accident. They return to their room, just as John and another person come flying out of the window, fighting with knives. John shouts at Dean to get Sam in the car and drive. Unwilling to leave their dad, the boys eventually get in the car and Dean drives off - three miles north like John has always taught them. They sit tight and start waiting for John. Sam is getting scared and starts crying, causing Dean to shout at him. He instantly regrets it and pulls his little brother closer. He makes Sam promise to never ask anything about their mom again. In return, he promises to teach Sam how to swim. With Sam still crying, they settle down to wait.


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  • John Winchester asked Mary Campbell to marry him in a place called Elton Ridge.
  • He didn't give her a funeral after she died, knowing he couldn't stand alongside someone who was insisting she was at peace now - not after he saw the way she died.
  • Dean Winchester stopped speaking when John told him about Mary. He doesn't speak until towards the end of the issue, when he says just one word - "Daddy".
  • One of their neighbors was a man named Chuck whose bedroom looked into the Winchesters' house.
  • John and the boys are staying with Julie, Mary's best friend.
  • According to the back-up story, Mary's birthday was the same date as the day she died. However, this could be something that John told the boys to make them remember the date, rather than her actual birthday. Dean also seems to believe that Mary died in a car accident.