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One Year Gone


Supernatural: One Year Gone is a tie-in novel that explains and shows insight on the year that Sam was 'Soulless' and Dean was with Lisa and Ben Braedan. It also explains how Sam met Samuel Campbell and started hunting alongside his cousins.


Believing Sam is in Hell, Dean tries to keep his promise to his younger brother and live a normal life with Lisa and Ben. However, when he realizes that a spell in the Necronomicon could raise Lucifer and therefore Sam, he convinces his new family to travel with him on vacation to Salem. Meanwhile, Sam is not as far away as Dean thinks and has his own reasons for hunting the Salem witches...

Major Characters

Minor Characters

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Dean believes Sam is still in hell with Lucifer.

Dean is living with Lisa and Ben Braedan.

Samuel thinks about the deal with Crowley to bring Mary back.


Antagonists: Constance Ball and Prudence Lewis.

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