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Supernatural: Mythmaker is the 14th of the tie-in novels of the series, taking place within Season 10.


Teenager Renee Mendez is a talented artist living in Corinth, Illinois. She loves drawing the strange gods that feature in her dreams, without realizing that when she depicts them on canvas, they come to life in the real world. When Sam and Dean Winchester come to town to investigate the "miracles" these new gods perform, a battle for supremacy breaks out. As their war for followers rages, the gods will destroy each other - and the town's population - until only the strongest remains.

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  • In the novel flashbacks when he is seventeen, Sam is aware that their mother was killed by a yellow-eyed demon. However, Sam and Dean don't find out its a demon until Scarecrow or that its yellow-eyed until Salvation, both of which occur years later.
  • In the flashbacks, both Winchesters are referred to as being teenagers multiple times. However, Sam is stated to be seventeen which would make Dean twenty-one.
  • On page 196, after Dean tells Sam that they need to get Armament's shotgun, the next paragraph mistakenly calls Sam by Dean's name while briefly having him wonder why they need to get the gun.
  • When calling for Castiel's help, the Winchesters expect him to immediately appear next to them. However, as the novel takes place during Season 10, Castiel no longer can do this as he has lost his wings along with all other angels.