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Supernatural: Children of Anubis is the seventeenth of the tie-in novels of the series.


Sam and Dean travel to Indiana, to investigate a murder that could be the work of a werewolf. But they soon discover that werewolves aren't the only things going bump in the night. The town is also home to a pack of jakkals who worship the god Anubis: carrion-eating scavengers who hate werewolves. With the help of Garth, the Winchester brothers must stop the werewolf-jakkal turf war before it engulfs the town - and before the god Anubis is awakened...

Major Characters[]

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  • The book is dedicated to DJ Qualls, Garth's actor.
  • Interestingly, Anubis features here. The live-action version of Anubis already appeared in Byzantium. However, this is a different Anubis as this Anubis is killed by Garth while the live-action version is still alive. This Anubis also has different characteristics than the one appearing in the show.
  • Dean mentions his recent killing of Adolf Hitler which he is still enthusiastic about.