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Supernatural: Bone Key is the third tie-in in the Supernatural series. The story reveals a previously unseen adventure by the Winchester brothers that takes place during Season 3 of the TV Series. It was written by Keith R.A. DeCandido and published on August 26th, 2008.


Sam and Dean are headed for the Key West, Florida, home to Hemingway, hurricanes, and a whole lot of demons. The tropical town has so many ghouls on the loose that one of the main moneymakers has long been a series of ghost tours. But the tours are no more, not since one of the guides was found dead of an apparent heart attack... his face frozen in mid-scream. No one knows what horrors he saw, but the Winchester brothers are about to find out.

Soon they'll be face-to-face with the ghosts of the island's most infamous residents, demons with a hidden agenda, and a mysterious ancient power looking for revenge. It's up to Sam and Dean to save the citizens of Key West... before the beautiful island is reduced to nothing more than a pile of bones.

Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]

  • Yaphet the Poet
  • Nicki
  • Bodge
  • Captain Naylor

Featured Supernatural Beings[]


Takes place a week after A Very Supernatural Christmas.