Superior, Nebraska is a town located in the state of Nebraska in the United States of America.


After Rose McKinley, a Superior resident turned up dead, the hunter Rudy came to Superior to investigate, calling in fellow hunter Dean Winchester. It quickly became clear that Rose was killed by vampires and that her friend Crystal Thorrson was still missing. Dean eventually tracked down and killed Reggie and his friend, rescuing Crystal but causing Rudy's death at the same time.

Just outside of Superior at the abandoned Juanita's Mexican Restaurant, Dean summoned Death in an effort to have Death kill him. Death instead offered to take Dean far away where he could do no harm if Dean would kill Sam. This ultimately led to Dean killing Death instead with Death's Scythe. At the same time, witch Rowena MacLeod cast a spell that removed the Mark of Cain from Dean's arm, resulting in the release of the Darkness.

After being released, the Darkness hit Superior, appearing to many to be some form of storm. The Darkness' presence started a Rabid infection of Superior, resulting in many residents getting infected or killed. After discovering this, Sam chose to stay behind in an attempt to find a cure to save the town's residents.

By the next morning, many of the residents of Superior were dead in the streets or their cars, either from Rabid attacks or Rabids burning out. By this point, Superior's residents all appeared to either be infected or dead. Stationing himself at Nuckolls County Medical Center, the infected Sam continued his efforts to find a cure with no luck. Finally, after over a day of the Rabid infection in Superior, Sam was able to determine that exposure to holy fire worked as a cure. Curing three Rabids at the hospital, Sam enlisted their help to successfully cure the surviving residents of Superior of their Rabid infections.


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