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Castiel identifies the bone of Sister Mary Constant by smelling it.

Super senses is the ability of one's senses, such as smell, taste, sight, and hearing, to be on a superhuman level.

Characters and species with this ability[]

  • Angels - All angels integrally can hear, see, taste, and smell everything on an extremely superhuman level; their hearing is so attuned, they can hear any and all spoken prays from anywhere on Earth, can see atoms or ions, and taste every molecule in food/liquids. Castiel was able to tell that the boys had chosen the bone of Sister Mary Constant just by sniffing it, he was also earlier able to tell that Meg had indeed killed two demons just by sniffing the knife she used, he heard what Sam and Dean were saying from another room. They can also identify genes and hormones in human beings, as Castiel was able to tell a man was gay by looking at him. Gadreel displayed the ability to extend his senses out and locate a warded Castiel by sensing a Reaper that had captured him.
  • Eve - As mother of all monsters, Eve's senses are incredible, exceeding that of all of her creations.
  • Demons - Crowley was able to smell the "stench" of Dean's impala on Castiel's coat and a demon waitress claimed she could smell Sam's soul as she was blinded. Azazel likewise could tell Dean wasn't one of his special children, simply by his scent.
  • Arachne - Arachne have enhanced field of vision that is split into multiple lenses, similar to actual spiders.
  • Djinn - A special type of Djinn that feed of fear rather than blood, possess the ability to smell human fear, their sense of smell is great enough to track their prey by scent.
  • Dragons - Though unclear which sense exactly they use, Dragons can tell if a person is a virgin or not, simply by getting close to them.
  • Ghouls - Ghouls possess enhanced sense of taste, Adam Ghoul, was able to taste the Demon Blood, in Sam, stating "it tasted different".
  • Hellhounds - They possess dog-like senses.
  • Leviathans - As Edgar shows, Leviathans have superior senses than humans, however it does not go into Supernatural perception, such as being able to see ghosts. They can also sense the scent of someone they have been in the presence of or have shape shifted into. Edgar could recognize Dean from a few small drops of blood on the table while talking to the Alpha Vampire.
  • Osiris - Exactly which sense is enhanced, is unknown, but he was able to detect Sam even though he made no sound.
  • Rabid - They can smell each other and know if a human is infected.
  • Rakshasa - They possess enhanced hearing.
  • Rugaru - Possesses enhanced smell and sight.
  • Skinwalkers - Regardless, whether in dog form, or human form, they possess attuned hearing and smell about the same as an actual dog, able to tell if there being followed or if there was anyone in the vicinity over a hundred yards.
  • Vampires - An overall, all-around manner, and therefore likely the most attuned creatures; with their hearing, eyesight, and smell are all enhanced to extreme levels, their hearing is good enough to hear a persons heartbeat, their eyesight so sensitive, that even normal light blinds them, their sense of smell is so refined that they are able to track others over miles.
    • Alpha Vampire - As the first, the alpha possessed the same powers as his children, only significantly enhanced.
  • Vetala - They possess enhanced hearing.
  • Wendigo - In night time, Wendigos are perfect hunters and assassins. During this time, their senses are enhanced, though even during daytime, their senses are higher than humans, they are able to see perfectly at night, and have incredibly enhanced hearing.
  • Werewolves - Possess attuned hearing, an enhanced sense of smell and keen eyesight. Their eyesight is good enough for them to see perfectly, even in complete darkness.