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Super agility is the ability to have perfect balance and/or perfect equilibrium to a point far in excess to that of a normal human being in Earth's gravity.

Archangels have shown amazing reflexes in vessels, as shown by Raphael when Dean whipped an angel-killing blade at him and he caught it without turning around. Further, an archangel's dexterity is so great in vessels that they can execute heavy blows onto lesser beings without instantly killing them, as shown by Lucifer and Raphael.

Creatures with this ability[]

  • Archangels - Archangels have highly advanced agility, Raphael caught an angel blade from behind without looking at it.
    • Nephilim - Jack was able to use his powers to accurately throw an angel blade into a tree.
  • Seraphim - Are much more agile than regular angels.
  • Grigori - Being an elite race of angel, they possess agility greater than that of regular angels and humans.
  • Angels - Are naturally more agile than humans.
  • Deities - At least some Deities are, Edward Carrigan was able to climb up narrow chimneys while carrying grown adult humans.
  • Monsters
    • Arachne - They are agile and nimble like real spiders, and can move with incredible flexibility.
    • Changelings - Changelings are able to scale walls to grab children.
    • Djinn - Djinns are far more agile than humans, a Djinn family was able to climb trees while waiting to attack Dean.
    • Ghouls - One ghoul squeezed through ventilation systems to grab Kate Milligan.
    • Jefferson Starship - They have the agility of vampires, wraiths, and shapeshifters combined.
    • Lamia - Lamias are naturally more agile than humans.
    • Okami - Okami are very agile, one was able to cling to the ceiling and hold that position very silently.
    • Shtriga - Shtrigas are more agile than humans, one scaled the side of a house to get into a child's bedroom.
    • Vampires - Vampires are very agile, they are capable of climbing flag poles and jumping great distances.
    • Vetala - They have snake-like reflexes and have greater agility than humans.
    • Wendigos - Wendigos are extremely agile, they are able to jump from tree to tree without being deterred by the foliage.
    • Werewolf - Their agility is greater than humans, often allowing them to perform incredible jumps and sprints easily.
    • Wraith - Wraiths are agile monsters, one was able to crawl through an air duct and climbed out to feed on psychiatric patients.