A Sunstar Line cargo ship was abandoned at the Larsen Bros. Shipyard and briefly serves as the location of a rift between universes.

History[edit | edit source]

At some point, the cargo ship was docked at the Larsen Bros. Shipyard. For an unknown reason, the ship was left abandoned at the yard when it shut down in 2008 and was left to rust.

In 2017, on the run from several angels, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester along with the Nephilim Jack and the dreamwalker Kaia Nieves fled into the shipyard and then onto the abandoned cargo ship. On the ship, Sam set up angel warding, but the attacking angels began performing a ritual to remove the warding. With the warding failing, Jack and Kaia set out to open a rift to Apocalypse World. As the warding is about to fail, Jack and Kaia succeed in opening a rift, disintegrating the attacking angels at the same time. However, due to Kaia flashing between Apocalypse World and the Bad Place, she is transported to the side of the road nearby, Jack is sent to Apocalypse World and the rift opens to the Bad Place where the Winchesters end up.

Over the next few days, the rift between the Main Universe and the Bad Place remains open on the cargo ship. At least several Cloaked Figures are able to make it through the rift to the Main Universe during this time.

A few days after the departure of the Winchesters and Jack, Jody Mills and Donna Hanscum are able to track the rift to the shipyard with help from Kaia and aided by them spotting the Impala parked next to the ship. The two women board the ship and locate the rift, but come under attack by Cloaked Figures. After one is killed by Claire Novak with a flamethrower, it is discovered that the rift is closing. Running out of time, Claire and Kaia travel through the rift while Jody, Donna, Alex Jones and Patience Turner battle and kill several of the creatures outside of the room holding the rift. Finally, Claire returns through the rift with the Winchesters moments before it closes for good, leaving the dead Kaia behind in the Bad Place.

Sam later warns Jody that while the rift on the ship is now closed, it was open for awhile and more creatures from the Bad Place may have gotten through in that time that they don't know about.

In 2018, after Sam asks about any rift activity, Jody tells him that she has set up video surveillance in the ship and Claire spends much of her free time there keeping an eye out, but they haven't seen any sign of another rift.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

The ship is docked at the Larsen Bros. Shipyard amongst several other abandoned vessels and is in an advanced state of rusting. Of the abandoned ships, the cargo ship is the largest with its port side facing inland and its starboard side towards the water. The ship appears to have an abandoned tugboat tied to it that's at an angle leaving it half on in the water and half on dryland. The ship itself has a long gangplank connecting it to the parking lot. There is no name visible on the outside of the ship identifying the craft. Several intact lifeboats are visible still attached in their places on the outside deck of the ship.

On the inside, the ship has several rusting cars in the cargo hold that's connected to the docks. Following a fight onboard, several pairs of angel wings have been burned into the walls of the cargo hold. There is at least four decks with two big open areas on deck four still containing some furniture such as chairs, cabinets and tables as well as intact windows and in at least one spot, a few old fans. On the wall of one of the big rooms, apparently the cafeteria from the shape of the tables, is a sign announcing the fact that the ship belongs to Sunstar Line. Old posters can be seen all over the place on the ship advertising various things.

For a few days, the ship contained a rift between the Main Universe and the Bad Place in what was presumably the cafeteria on deck four. As a result of the battles that took place on the ship, the cargo hold has six pairs of broken angel wings burned into the walls and six half-melted angel blades stuck in the floor. If the bodies were not cleaned up, there are also several corpses of Cloaked Figures in the cargo hold and on deck four.

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