Sunny Harrington is a waitress at a milkshake bar and the daughter of the psychic Chip Harrington who ruled over the town with his powers. Sunny alone wasn't affected and the only person who could see through the illusion. She later rebelled against Chip and awakened her own psychic powers, which she used to trap her father in his mind.


Sunny was born as Chip Harrington and his wife's only child. At some point, her mother died and she was raised by her grieving father whose psychic abilities awoke and he manipulated the town. As she got older, she awakened her own psychic powers, as Chip realized that her power would be stronger than him when many of his "tricks" failed to affect her.

Season 14Edit

Eventually, Sunny couldn't bear the abuse of Chip's powers, especially when she become infatuated with Conrad Martin. Sunny soon revealed her father's powers to him and when he awoke from the illusion, he decided to flee. Fearful her father future actions, she rejected Conrad when the latter offered her the chance to flee from the town. After sharing one last kiss, Conrad fled from the town. Unknowingly, her father already planted some predetermination means inside Conrad head, blasted his head when he attempted to escape.

Sam and Castiel came to Charming Acres, Arkansas to investigate. They encountered Sunny in the milkshake house. Sam amused about her milkshake. During the investigation, Castiel found some secret correspondence between Conrad and Sunny in Conrad's former residence, finding the first clue about what happened in the town. After Sam fell victim to the powers, Castiel continued the investigation and became suspicious of Sunny. He returned to the milkshake house and confronted Sunny about the truth behind the strange occurrences in the town. Sunny initially refused to reveal the information. After Castiel revealed his powers and threatened to strip it away from her mind, a scared Sunny was forced to tell him that it was her father controlling the town. Chip then arrived on the scene with Sam and others, before Sunny can reveal more.

Sunny watches Chip reveal to Castiel about the town history and its crisis in the modern day. He also reveals on how he awakened the power after being grief stricken and stressed, before telling him how he used it to control the population. Chip claimed he did all for protecting his town and its ways and maintaining the happiness of its residents. Unable to hear more from her father, Sunny got out from the milkshake house, while Castiel dealt with Sam and the rest of Chip's men. After successfully defeating Chip's men and breaking Sam free from his control, Castiel and Sam together tried to stop Chip. However, Chip was quite powerful and managed to defeat them both by telekinesis. Chip nearly killed Sam by exploding his head. Before Chip carry out the deed, Sunny unleashed her suppressed powers, negating Chip's power. Surprised, a gleeful Chip said that her true power has appeared and stated her likeness of him. Sunny denied that and overpowered him. Sunny told him to be happy before she managed to shove him deep in his own mind, stopping him.

Castiel confirmed to a nervous Sunny that her father was still alive but is now living in his own version of happiness in his mind where he can't do harm, to her satisfaction. This act mentally incapacitated Chip permanently, effectively neutralizing his influence over his town for good.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sunny inherited her father's power and was a very strong psychic, even more than her skilled father. However, due to her self-suppression, she only can exhibit her powers subconsciously. When she activated her powers, her sound changed to very heavy.

  • Immunity - Due to her psychic power being superior to her father's, Sunny is immune to Chip's powers.
  • Power Negation - Being powerful psychic, she can easily negate powers of weaker psychics.
  • Mental Manipulation - As a psychic, Sunny capable to manipulate thoughts, memories or emotions of a being.
    • Mind Control Override - By unknown means, she capable to override Chip mind control and awake Conrad from his influence over him.
    • Memory Sealing - Unique to her, she can seal her target to their own memories. Sealing them away within without any possibility to return.


  • Self-suppression - Sunny cannot exhibit her power freely and optimally due to her own self-suppression caused by her own fear against her father Chip. Due to this, she can only exhibit her powers in very dire situation.


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