This refers to a set of rituals that summon reapers.

Summoning Tessa

Dean Winchester had an out of body experience induced, he summoned the Reaper Tessa by reciting this Latin incantation.[1]

The incantation was:

Messorum evoco qui me tetigit.

Summoning Bobby's Reaper


Bobby Singer also summoned a reaper however, unlike summoning Tessa, this summoning method was performed to trap a reaper. Bobby was in a coma and while he was within his subconscious he was being pursued by a reaper. Having remembered Sam and Dean's previous encounters with reapers, Bobby cooked up a plan to slow his reaper down long enough for him to find an exit out of his coma. Bobby and Rufus Turner went about collecting materials to summon the reaper, which included: a crucifix, gold ore, hemlock, mace, and blood, among other ingredients. After painting the trap on the floor, the ingredients were mixed and set aflame as Bobby recited the phrase (in Latin):

O theris tes, caleo se cai deo.

Summoning the reaper and effectively trapping him within Bobby's subconscious, however it is only temporary as the bullet is slowly killing Bobby's brain cells and will eventually reach the reaper once Bobby's office disappears, thus freeing him to continue his pursuit of Bobby.[2]


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