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:''Garments [that is] carried surrounding over God mountains above the water''
:''Garments [that is] carried surrounding over God mountains above the water''
:''Alpha grammaton''
:''Alpha grammaton''
:''This means that the name and by His rightness''
:''This means that the name and by his rightness''
:''Through Three Bulls''
:''Through Three Bulls''

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Walter Dixon summoning ghosts.

There are several spells used for summoning ghosts. Although they differ in the manner and procedure of summoning, they all allow a spirit to manifest itself for a limited time. The rituals and spells also vary on the purposes of why a ghost is being summoned.

With a Talisman

A spell of this kind is considered to be black magic, similar to the spell used for binding reapers. Additionally, this spell not only summoned ghosts and spirits, it also allowed the caster to bind the ghosts to his will. As such, this spell is considered to be a form of necromancy. This spell was demonstrated by Walter Dixon to exact revenge on the Hollywood executives that ruined his script. 


Like most spells, this required a chant. A talisman is also required to serve as a medium to accomplish the spell.


The incantation is in Latin. The chant varies depending on the number of ghosts being summoned by the caster. Walter used one when he summoned only one ghost, and another one when he summoned all spirits bound to the area. 

The incantation to summon one ghost or spirit is as follows, "contra obsecro hoc spiritum justa ad facientem voluntatum mayhem", which means, "I pray that the spirit of the just against the wishes of mayhem". The incantation to summon multiple spirits is as follows, "malis omnis ad me venite", translating as, "Come to me, all the bad."



A broken talisman.

The talisman has the appearance of a slanted cross that is enclosed by a circle. It must be held up when reciting any of the incantations.

The talisman is fragile and must be kept intact. Destroying the talisman would release the enslaved ghosts, thus allowing them to regain control of their will and turn against the caster of the spell.

Through a Séance of blood


Sam summoning a ghost through a séance-like ritual.

Unlike the other method, this spell functions more like a séance. The ghost being summoned is not being forced to attack targets, but simply to manifest itself, for the purposes of communication. There are different incantations used by hunters. Some, when performed with a psychic, required no incantation at all; it merely required repeating orders or commands for the being to manifest itself.


Sam, while trying to summon the spirit of Father Thomas Gregory, used the following chant, "Amate spiritus obscurete quaerimus, te oramus, nobiscum colloquereaput nos circita","Love the spirit of the obsurely, to seek You, we pray you, be with us familiar with it, as with us at about the".

Another Variation to Summon Ghost Through a Séance

In Red Sky at Morning, Sam used a different ritual and incantation when he tried to summon the brother of the ghost that haunted through the use of a ghost ship. To summon the brother of the ghost, Sam used another variation of Séance Ritual. He setup a kind of ritual circle: five candles, a pentagram, a bowl into which he pours a jar of unknown red liquid (presumably blood of unknown origin). Another jar is on the opposite side of the circle, with what appear to be herbs in it.

The verses used in the ritual are in Latin. This spell also invoked several names of beings. The names of the beings the incantation invoked were Aziel, Castiel, Lamisniel, Rabam, Erlei, and Belam. The spell which Sam used here, may be the longest spell ever which chanted in Supernatural Universe:

Aziel, Castiel, Lamisniel, Rabam, Erlei, et Belam
Ego vos coniuro
Per Deo verum
Per Deo vivum
Qui vos creavit,
eos super montes et per eum
Qui Adam et Evam formavit et per eum
Qui mari pre abit aridum que fundarit
Qui facit endulum quo spiritus ministrus suos inenuenda
Qui fondasti terram super valiturum
non en qui abit or, in seculum seculi
Et vis est que venti betum,
amictus eos super montes stabat aquae
non en qui abit or, in seculum seculi
Et evum formabit,
vesti vectum amictus eus super montes stabat aquae
Alpha grammaton
Per hoc nomen et per hic per ius ionem
Per tribius bovis

Rough Translation:

Aziel, Castiel, Lamisniel, Rabam, Erlei, and Belam
I call upon thee
By the means of the True God
By the means of the Living God
Who created thee,
Those over the mountains and through Him
Who formed Adam and Eve and through Him
Who [makes] the sea goes away, and dry, which is [later] established.
That [who] make suspension in which spirits minister [their] oblique illusions
That [who] establish Earth movement
Not added to the things in it, forever
And [feel] that is the force of the wind [in your] skins
Surounding those waters stood above the mountains
Not added to the things in it, forever
And forever molds,
Garments [that is] carried surrounding over God mountains above the water
Alpha grammaton
This means that the name and by his rightness
Through Three Bulls

Through Personal Belongings

Using a ghost's human belongings, one could summon ghosts. Using Gavin's signet ring, Bobby could summon Crowley's sons' ghost to spill every little detail about his father. He promptly vanished afterwards.

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  • Oddly enough, Castiel was mentioned in one of Sam's incantations. Whether or not this pertained to the angel is unknown.
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