Eve rising from Purgatory.

Summoning Eve is a ritual that allowed a connection between Earth and Purgatory, allowing the Mother of All to cross-over into the mortal plane.


Because Eve could not normally manifest on Earth, she had to be summoned using a ritual. In an effort to protect her children from Crowley and his demons, she arranged for her dragons to prepare for her arrival. The dragons completed the requirements and proceeded to summon Eve.

Procedure and RequirementsEdit

The spell required a virgin female to act as the vessel of Eve. The ritual had to take place in a chasm. As the vessel is thrown into the pit, the incantation found in an ancient book had to be recited. The incantation is as follows, "Ego coniuro vos, insolubiliter ad mei potenciam aligati! Ad me... Sine prestolacione venire...Debeatis aperiat! Huc sine mora debeas mater!". The rough translation from Latin is this; "I conjure you, my power to irrevocably link! ... you should come to me ... open! Here, you should without delay mother!". The first part of the incantation creates fire and extreme heat at the bottom of the pit, making it akin to lava. Halfway through the incantation, blood must be given up by the performer of the ritual. Once the vessel is submerged in the lava, the heat increases significantly. Shortly after, Eve emerges from the pit, using the virgin as her vessel.


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