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This refers to a set of rituals that summon deities from various pantheons. Only four deities have been summoned intentionally in the Supernatural universe.

Summoning Chronos[]

A part of the ritual to summon Chronos.

Chronos can be summoned by a ritual specific to him to foretell a person's future. If done right, he can be summoned from a specific time, otherwise, presumably the time he is summoned from is random.

Ingredients []

Aside from a broken hourglass, most of the ingredients are unknown. In addition, if the summoner wants to call Chronos from a specific time, they must write that time in their blood on a piece of paper and place it in the bowl with the other ingredients and light it on fire. Once the ingredients are lit, the incantation O Krone, parakaloumen se, thespizein hemin hronon ton mellonta must be uttered. The incantation is ancient Greek, it is written as Ω Κρόνε, παρακαλούμεν σε, θεσπίζειν ημίν χρόνον τον μέλλοντα and means Chronos we beseech thee to designate our time as future. Once the spell is uttered, Chronos will be pulled through time to where the summoner is against his will.

Summoning Zeus[]

Zeus could be summoned to earth by a ritual exclusive to him. Zeus could be summoned into a trap and was vulnerable to the wood struck by lightning.

The bowl containing the objects are lit on fire.

Ingredients []

Two things were required before one could summon Zeus. Frozen energy from the hand of Zeus (more commonly known as Fulgurite which is used to make cheap jewelry) and a Bone of a worshipper. The objects are placed in a bowl and then lit on fire.

Summoning Veritas[]

Veritas could be summoned by a human who wished to know certain truths.

Box containing the three required items.


Certain things were needed to summon her: Cat's skull, Grains of Paradise seed and Devil's Shoestring.

Summoning Anubis[]

Anubis could be summoned by a human who wished to know what their soul's final destination will be. To summon Anubis, the ritual circle must be prepared by painting it on the floor using simple red paint. The ritual circle consisted of a pentagram with various egyptian symbols including an Ankh and Eye of Horus. Five candles placed at the tips of pentagram. In addition to trap him, palm oil can be added to the paint.

Once ritual circle prepared, an incantation (apparently in demotic) should be recited. In the middle of incantation, a blood offering must be performed by dropping blood atop the middle of Eye of Horus symbol in the middle of ritual circle.

Ya 'Anubis, yda 'uwzuris. Astamae 'iilaa suti.
Ya 'Anubis, 'ant min yazan alqulbu. Astamae 'iilaa suti.
Ya 'Anubis, dalil almawtaa.
Aleawalim bayn alealamin maftuhatan,
wa'amrak 'an tuqadim(ah) nafsak(h) fi eini.

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This article or section is about a canonical subject but contains information from sources (novels, animated series or comics) that are either not canon or are dubiously canon.

Summoning Hel[]

Hel was summoned onto Earth through a bizarre process. It involved preparing an already decomposing body by grafting new skin (called NuFlesh in the novel, Carved in Flesh), trapping a reaper in The Philosopher's Stone and then in true Frankenstein style, providing electricity to the body. The reaper's powers would be used to strengthen the body and the electricity (defibrillators) to jump start the heart. Hel arrived and occupied the body, using it as her vessel on Earth. (An incantation or ritual, if needed, was never mentioned).

Summoning Huehuecoyotl[]

A shallow pit has to be dug and a fire has to be started.


Bundles of herbs, a chunk of turquoise, a wooden cup and a pale flint knife were required.


One has to do a spiritual cleansing, bathing their body in sage smoke and releasing all worldly thoughts from their mind. Several of the dried herbs are mixed in the wooden cup, crushing them with the turquoise and then adding water. The resulting brew, which was bitter and earthy, had to be drunk. A handful of copal was thrown into the fire and using the knife, a cut across the sternum had to be made. The resulting drops of blood were collected on the knife and dropped into the fire. The blood was a symbolic sacrifice.