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Sumiko Jones is a blogger and high school student in Supernatural: Rite of Passage.


During her junior year, Sumiko met, fell in love with and started dating Ryan Bramble. At some point, she also started a blog called the Lion's Truth and established a network of informants that passed her information for her blog. However, over time, Sumiko let her blogging consume her to the point of ignoring her relationship with Ryan more and more frequently to focus on her blogging.

During a school evacuation caused by a bomb threat, Sumiko live-blogs the event and interviews Ryan for his theory on the bomb threat and dismisses his idea of it being a drug sweep and suggests it might be connected to the string of strange and deadly disasters happening lately. Spotting a girl who was in the vice principal's office when the bomb threat came in, Sumiko runs off to interview her, but isn't able to learn much. She returns to Ryan who tries to discuss his growing fears with her only to have Sumiko dismiss them as teenage angst and focus on live-blogging a fight between Dalton Rourke and Tyler Shackleford. After the fight, Sumiko tells Ryan she hopes her hits will allow her to monetize so she can buy everything she needs and figure out what she wants to do later on in the future, unaware of Ryan's fears that she will leave him behind and forget about him. Spotting Jesse Trumball, Sumiko blogs her belief that Jesse called in the bomb threat and briefly placates Ryan before focusing totally on her blogging efforts once more.

After school, Sumiko calls Ryan and invites him over. When Ryan arrives, Sumiko flirts with him and tells him that she has something to show him on her blog and sasses her mother's order to keep two feet on the floor at all times. After sitting down, Ryan has Sumiko get him aspirin for the migraine he has had since the bomb threat evacuation and they start to make out before Sumiko shifts her focus to her blog once more, greatly frustrating Ryan which is exacerbated by the headache. Sumiko tells Ryan that she is expanding the blog to be about more than school since it will soon be irrelevant, not knowing that he thinks he will be too to her and states her theory that the recent accidents could be more than just normal accidents. Sumiko theorizes that they could be a different force at work be it man-made, a government experiment or a terrorist cell. Sumiko acknowledges that the bomb threat was fake and continues to insist that Jesse Trumball called it in and continues to fail to notice Ryan's growing agitation. She explains that a friend of hers has a brother who's a junior patrol officer and he had told his sister that none of the airbags had gone off in the big pile-up. As Ryan's headache gets worse, he gets to his feet and Sumiko offers to tell him everything else later. Losing his temper, Ryan breaks her flat-screen computer monitor and tells Sumiko that he doesn't care about the blog and its all she ever talks about anymore and he's sick of it. Enraged, Sumiko orders Ryan out of her house and breaks up with him on the spot, refusing to let Ryan even apologize.

Following Ryan's departure, Sumiko disconnects her broken monitor before her mother enters to see what happened. Sumiko tells her mother about how she and Ryan had fight after she started boring him and he broke her monitor. Sumiko's mother realizes it was about her blog and points out Sumiko talks about it often. She acknowledges that Ryan was wrong to break the monitor and Sumiko admits that she knows that Ryan has been struggling lately and she isn't sure whether or not she actually wants to end things with him. Sumiko then gets her mother to help her set up her old 19-inch CRT monitor to replace her broken flat-screen one and her mother informs Sumiko of the deadly flu and MRSA outbreaks at the hospital. Sumiko sees it as more material for her blog and refuses to be dissuaded by her mother in posting it, stating she feels she needs to get the information out there so that someone can stop what is happening. Sumiko then sets to work on discovering the source of the MRSA outbreak, reaching out to her network of sources who have connections to the children who have been infected in an attempt to trace the outbreak source.

After discovering that eight of the infected children go to First Step Forward Preschool, Sumiko pinpoints the preschool as the source of the MRSA outbreak. Sumiko posts this discovery on her blog as well as information about all of the other accidents and a theory that the accidents are supernatural in origin rather than terrorists or any other usual theories for what may have happened. While searching for information on the accidents that could give him clues, hunter Sam Winchester locates Sumiko's blog and is intrigued by the knowledge Sumiko displays about the accidents. Sam subscribes to the blog and messages Sumiko, congratulating her on scooping the newscasters, asking how she knows about the preschool and asking for the number of the owner. Sam's message draws Sumiko's interest and she messages Sam back, asking about his own interest in the matter. After Sam tells Sumiko that he agrees with her theory of a supernatural origin, she tells him that her sources gave her the names of eight of the infected kids, all of whom go to the preschool and supplies Sam with the phone number of the owner and manager, Lethia Williams. Thanks to Sumiko's information, Sam is able to call Lethia and confirm the man in the bowler hat they have identified as the monster they are hunting is responsible for the outbreaks as well as the accidents.

After a night to think it over, Sumiko realizes that she became too self-absorbed in her blog, especially after she became overwhelmed by the information she was receiving and posting on the disasters that are happening in town. Sumiko also realizes that Ryan is under a lot of pressure with his absent father and the amount of monetary help he'd need to attend college and she has been too busy with her blog to listen to him. As a result, Sumiko comes to believe that they were both in the wrong and decides to reconcile with Ryan. Arriving at his house, Sumiko finds Ryan huddled in an old blue hoodie and acting so twitchy she would've thought he was on drugs if she didn't know Ryan so well. Ryan admits that he's not sure if he's okay or not as he doesn't know what "okay" is anymore and Sumiko apologizes for not listening to him. Ryan promises to pay for the broken monitor and Sumiko accepts but tells him not to worry about doing it right away as she's using her old CRT and will see if she can get her monitor repaired rather than replaced. To Sumiko's shock, Ryan tells her to go and that she was right about them breaking up and they should just end it now as its inevitable anyway. Despite Sumiko's protests, Ryan closes the door in her face and she begins to suspect that somehow the events going on are affecting Ryan due to his strange behavior. As a result, Sumiko becomes determined to find out what's going on with her boyfriend.

That night, Sumiko receives a call from Ryan who dodges her questions about where he is and tells Sumiko that he just wanted to hear her voice. To Sumiko's surprise, Ryan asks her about what she's heard about the various diseases in town and if anything really bizarre was affecting people. Believing that Ryan just wants to know about her blog work, Sumiko tells him "to hell with the blog" and asks what's going on with him instead. Ryan responds that his father told him that he isn't really Ryan's father and his mother had been raped. Sumiko apologizes, horrified by this piece of news and asks where Ryan is so she can talk to him face to face. Ryan refuses however, telling Sumiko that he needs to be alone to process everything. Sumiko agrees and promises Ryan that she's there for him if he wants to talk. Ryan apologizes to Sumiko for breaking her monitor and thanks her for being a good influence, worrying Sumiko that he might do something stupid. Sumiko tries to convince Ryan that things will get better for her, but he just thanks her and hangs up before letting her call go to voicemail when Sumiko tries to call back. Worried about Ryan's apparent depression, Sumiko decides to give him time to process but to act as Ryan's safety net just in case. To do this, Sumiko wakes up her computer and uses her Show My Pals account to track Ryan's phone, determining that he is at Tony's Pizzeria, likely for comfort food. However, as Sumiko watches Ryan's cell phone's GPS signal, he starts to move into the abandoned industrial area of town. Confused and worried about Ryan's activities, Sumiko runs her Show My Pals app on her cell phone to continue tracking him and borrows her mother's Honda Odyssey to aid in her efforts.

Tracking the GPS signal from Ryan's cell phone, Sumiko follows him to the abandoned Hawthorne's Department Store and prepares to get out of the van and go to him when she spots Dalton Rourke and Jesse Trumball arriving and a man joining them. Sumiko snaps a few photos of the teenagers with her cell phone, but can't get a good shot of the man who joins them. As she observes the scene from a distance, Sumiko realizes that the only time she's ever seen Ryan, Dalton and Jesse in relatively close proximity was at the school bomb threat evacuation and notices when they stand side by side, they were not only about the same age, but also the same height and build and starts to suspect that they are related. Curious, Sumiko uses her laptop to check pictures on her blog and scanned yearbooks and finds that the three have the same brow, nose and chin and Ryan and Jesse, before Ryan dyed his hair and Jesse shaved his head, both have naturally red hair as does Dalton. Using her portable Wi-Fi hotspot, Sumiko checks social media profiles and runs searches on their names, discovering that all three were born within the same week. Knowing that both Ryan and Dalton's mothers died in childbirth, Sumiko calls her friend Brennan Kennedy who works part-time at the Laurel Hill Library to look up old newspapers of the three's birth week and learns that Jesse's mother also died in childbirth. While Sumiko initially suspected that they were triplets separated at birth, after learning that there was in fact three different mothers, she starts to realize that Ryan, Dalton and Jesse are half-brothers with one father and guesses that its the man that they met up with outside of Hawthorne's. Intrigued, Sumiko adds a post to her blog with pictures of Ryan, Dalton and Jesse lined up side by side and entitled "what do these three have in common?" Sumiko's worry about Ryan grows, knowing that if the man they are meeting is in fact Ryan's father, he is a criminal and a criminal meeting up with his sons in an abandoned building can't be a good thing. Wondering how to protect Ryan without betraying him, Sumiko remembers the investigator who contacted her through her blog and didn't scoff at her supernatural theories. Sumiko thinks that the man might take her seriously without suggesting an extended stay in the loony bin and might even be taken seriously if he reports it to the cops. Sumiko starts to compose an email to the investigator, but spots Jesse emerge from the store and get his stolen Dodge Durango, worrying Sumiko further when she spots what appears to be blood on his chin. Sumiko watches as the man, Ryan and Dalton join Jesse and follows as they drive away, wondering what Ryan has gotten himself into.

Sumiko follows the SUV until Jesse parks it and the four begin walking instead. Sumiko starts to consider her options, knowing that while Ryan would never hurt her, the other three are extremely large men with violent backgrounds and she wouldn't stand a chance against them. As a result, Sumiko stays in the van and follows them discreetly, ultimately spotting the four entering the Cheshire Theater which the marquee is displaying as playing Fiddler on the Roof. Distraught at the thought that Ryan might be helping the other three to rob the place, Sumiko parks on the opposite side of the street after an illegal U-turn and makes a dangerous run across traffic to reach the theater. As Sumiko tries to figure out her plan, she hears screams from inside the theater and is horrified to realize she is too late to stop them. Finding that she has left her phone on the passenger seat of her mother's van, Sumiko dashes back across traffic, nearly getting killed by a reckless driver. Reaching the van, Sumiko calls 911, reporting that there's a robbery in progress at the Cheshire Theater through horrible cell phone reception. After making the call, Sumiko rocks back and forth in the driver's seat, muttering "Ryan, what have you done? What have you done?"

When the police cars eventually arrive, Sumiko stays hidden beneath the window of the van, hoping and praying that Ryan will come out unharmed. However, when no one comes out, Sumiko starts to fear that it has turned from a robbery into a hostage situation, hearing occasional gunshots and screaming when the theater doors open and tries not to let her imagination run wild without luck as she imagines Ryan holed up with his family and the hostages. When a group of men arrive not wearing police uniforms, Sumiko wonders if one is the investigator who contacted her, unaware that one, Sam Winchester, is the investigator and he briefly spots her hiding in the van. As Sumiko blames herself for driving Ryan away when he needed her most and despair overwhelms her, she is startled by a traffic cop who orders her to move along as she can't stay there. Unwilling to leave Ryan, Sumiko moves the van to a side street and returns to the intersection to watch from a distance. As she watches, Sumiko sees a speeding car nearly kill the traffic cop before crashing into a utility pole, leaving Sumiko worrying about what else could go wrong.

Returning to the van, Sumiko huddles in the driver's seat and attempts to call her mother without success as the signal bars keep dropping to nothing whenever she dials. As Sumiko huddles in the van, she spots three hunched figures fleeing through a backyard and recognizes them as an apparently injured Ryan, Jesse and their father. Not seeing Dalton, Sumiko guesses that the three left him behind, unaware that Dalton is dead. Unwilling to believe that Ryan willingly took part in the holdup she believes the four performed, Sumiko follows them back to Hawthorne's when they leave in the SUV, planning to convince Ryan to turn himself in to save him from the consequences of his actions.

Parking a block and a half away from Hawthorne's, Sumiko waits for the three to enter the abandoned store before leaving the van with the plan to pull Ryan aside, convince him to ditch the other two and then contact the police and tell them about how he'd been forced to go along with his father, Jesse and Dalton's actions, refusing to believe that Ryan willingly took part. Sumiko hopes that if Ryan willingly cooperates, the police will give him a lighter punishment for his own actions at the theater. Sumiko finds that the door to Hawthorne's has been jimmied open and that she has left cell phone in the van when she goes to mute so as not to draw attention to herself. Creeping through the abandoned store, she finds Ryan yelling at his father about the horrible things he was forced to do and witnesses the man tell Ryan that it is his true nature and by dawn, he will cast aside human concerns and weakness when he completes his transformation. As Sumiko freezes after hearing a woman sobbing, Jesse rises from where he's hidden on the escalators and captures her with Sumiko struggling futilely against his grip. Sumiko is taken to Ryan and his father, the oni Tora and spots Kim Jacobs tied to a support column, appearing to have gone insane and with a human heart in a brass bowl beneath her. To Sumiko's further horror, Tora, tells her that he needs a fresh human heart for the demon gate ritual and can now use hers. Sumiko calls out to Ryan who at first doesn't appear to recognize her then yells at Tora to let her go as Sumiko has nothing to do with anything that is going on. However, Tora tells Ryan that Sumiko's life was forfeit the moment she entered and orders Jesse to tie her to a chair until he needs Sumiko's heart.

As Jesse goes to tie her up, Sumiko momentarily breaks free, but Jesse quickly catches her again and breaks Sumiko's arm as he restrains her once more. Sumiko's injury enrages Ryan who attempts to attack Jesse, but Jesse draws a knife from his belt. Sumiko desperately tries to warn Ryan of the threat to no avail and watches, helpless, as Jesse stabs Ryan in his third eye, twists the knife and then yanks it out, mortally wounding Ryan. Going to Ryan's side while Jesse and Tora are distracted, Sumiko holds Ryan's head as he apologizes, telling her that he's done terrible things. Sumiko tries to comfort Ryan that it wasn't his fault, but he dies in her arms. When Jesse calls Ryan weak, Sumiko tries to defend him as stronger than either of them, but is cowed when Tora threatens to rip out her tongue if she speaks again. As Jesse physically restrains Sumiko to the chair, she watches as Tora offers his blood to Kim, only to have Kim bite him and cause Tora to reflexively kill her, something Sumiko realizes that Kim had intended as she had no hope left. At Jesse's suggestion, Tora decides to use the ritual on a dazed and grief-stricken Sumiko instead who refuses and points out that she isn't healthy due to her broken arm. However, Tora is undaunted, stating that the demon gate ritual will heal her arm and make her stronger than any human and he doesn't require her consent.

As Tora goes to feed Sumiko his blood, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester attack, having tracked Sumiko to the area with the help of her mother and Sumiko's Show My Pals app. As the battle commences between the two hunters and the two oni, Jesse releases Sumiko to attack the Winchesters and she is able to escape into hiding. Sumiko watches as Dean kills Jesse and then the Winchesters and Bobby Singer kill Tora with the help of the obake Roy Dempsey had known as his feral cat Shadow. Following the battle, Sumiko emerges from hiding, crying and Dean notices the fact that she is injured. Sumiko brushes it off as just a broken arm and the obake walks up to her and rubs himself up against Sumiko's legs. Dean notes that the creature likes Sumiko who strokes his head and decides to call him Lucky since he saved their lives.

Following the oni's rampage and Ryan's death, Sumiko adopts Lucky who proves to be content with abandoning a feral lifestyle to live as Sumiko's pet cat. Sumiko deals in part with Ryan's death by removing all posts regarding the oni's rampage from her blog and decides that no matter where she goes to college or for what major, she will take plenty of classes on mythology and folklore as the information might come in handy some day.

Personality and Traits[]

After starting her blog, the Lion Truth, Sumiko turned it from a hobby into an obsession to the point that it was unhealthy and started to consume her life. Sumiko's obsession with blogging severely damaged her relationship with Ryan Bramble because she let her blog get in the way of time she should have been spending with him or focusing on her romantic relationship. This drew great frustration from Ryan who felt that Sumiko cared more about her blog than she did him. She also mentions it enough that her mother has grown frustrated and worried about her obsession with blogging. As the oni's swath of destruction continues and she gets overwhelmed covering it, Sumiko begins to understand just how much her blog has consumed her though she doesn't stop posting on it.

After reading Sumiko's blog for the first time, Sam Winchester states that he gets an anti-establishment vibe from Sumiko's writing. While Sumiko postulates a theory of supernatural origin for the events on her blog, its not clear if she actually believes this or its just a theory she was posting as she thought that the oni Tora was simply some kind of criminal. However, she showed an interest in contacting Sam for help as he didn't dismiss her supernatural theory for the events.

Despite her obsession with her blog, Sumiko truly cares about her boyfriend as shown with her increasing worry about his safety and her desire to protect him from the consequences of his actions. Sumiko is shown to be somewhat naïve however due to her refusal to consider any other option than that Ryan was forced into his actions and her narrow view of what could be happening during the theater massacre.

Sumiko is shown to be highly observant and intelligent, putting together the various pieces of information she gets during the oni's rampage of destruction into many of the correct conclusions despite not knowing what is truly going on. After observing the Winchesters and Bobby Singer from a distance, Sumiko immediately came to the correct conclusion that one of them, Sam, might've been the one to contact her through her blog despite not knowing anything beyond that the person that contacted her was an investigator that didn't scoff at her supernatural theories.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Electronics Knowledge - Sumiko displays a great degree of electronics knowledge, computers in particular. Sumiko uses this to run her blog the Lion Truth and track her friends when necessary through her Show My Pals app.
  • Investigative Skills - Sumiko has shown herself to be a highly capable investigator using her network of contacts and her own smarts to discover information. Sam Winchester noted that she proved to be quite good at tracking the oni and his actions, stating it as Sumiko having her finger on the pulse of the weird. A few times during the Winchesters investigation into the oni, information Sumiko discovers and posts on her blog without knowing the true nature of what she's looking into proves crucial to the Winchester investigation.



  • Sumiko has a Show My Pals app that she can use to locate any of her friends who gave her access privileges to their cell phone's GPS tracking device. Sumiko uses this to track Ryan Bramble and through him the oni at one point. The Winchesters later use Sumiko's own tracking app to track Sumiko herself through her cell phone to find the surviving oni.