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Succubi. Hell's whores. They lure men into fits of ecstasy and then kill them by sucking out their life force. So the legend goes...
— John Winchester

Succubi are a particular breed of demons depicted in the novel Supernatural: Rising Son. Led by Lilith under the guise of Mrs. Lyle, they're described as Hell's whores; possessing the bodies of beautiful young women to comfort men into sexual liaisons only to consume their souls.




Succubi appear in the guise of normal human women unless they are revealed in which they shed their appearance and gain a more demonic appearance in which they have pale skin, glowing red eyes, dark hair, and fangs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shapeshifting - A unique and useful ability for succubi is that they can alter as well as enhance the appearance of their meatsuits while possessing them. They typically take on the traits of whatever their victims find attractive and even take the form of a lost loved one to ensure intercourse.
  • Possession - Like all demons, succubi require a human body to exist in the corporeal world. Due to their habits, succubi prefer women as hosts. Interestingly, succubi can deform their meatsuits to a degree when they reveal their true nature; sprouting fangs and burning their eyes a vivid red.
  • Telepathy - Succubi can read people's minds so that they can transform into the type of woman their prey desires the most. 
  • Seduction - Succubi have power to seduce their prey and compel them to love them, similar to Sirens
  • Soul Consumption - Succubi require human souls to remain strong. It's possible that succubi's rank is proportionate to the number of men they've devoured, as a well-fed succubus can tear a human to shreds with her bare hands. Lilith - being their Queen - is the strongest as she's consumed the most.
  • Super Strength - As they're not particularly high in the infernal hierarchy, succubi possess the standard degree of demonic strength. Normal mortals are impotent against them in a direct confrontation and a hunter must be careful and properly equipped to kill one should they encounter each other.
  • Immortality - As demons, Succubi do not age and have a longer lifespan than humans.


Known SuccubiEdit


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