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The name was altered out of necessity. You have chanced upon a lineage with a long... and proud tradition. And some unwanted notoriety. One of Europe's oldest families: the House of... Frankenstein.

The Frankenstein Family, also known as the Styne Family, is an ancient family which has consisted entirely of magic practitioners for multiple generations.

The family hails from an unknown country in Eastern Europe and are the root of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" novel.

They apparently have members across the entire world and have been committing evil for a thousand years.

Each male member of the clan embarks in using their knowledge to surgically enhance themselves, giving them greater powers than normal humans. They get the parts for this from a process they call "Harvesting", where they murder people and take their body parts as they want.

In 2015, the American branch of the family was wiped out by Dean Winchester in revenge for the murder of Charlie Bradbury.


Chaos breeds fear, fear breeds panic, and panic breeds desperation. And there's always profit to be made from desperation. (...) We've been in the "fix it" business for a thousand years, and business has never been better.

According to Men of Letters' files, the family, when known as the Stynes, has been dated back to the early 1800s, where they inexplicably 'popped up out of nowhere'. They used spells for various but uncommon purposes (most of their motives, reasons, and purposes of their actions were political and monetary). They used spells to create disease, to destabilize markets and they even helped the Nazis before they came into power and they profited from all of it.

Upon digging further into the Letters' files, the Winchesters discovered that the Stynes, (then known as the Frankensteins), also made a huge profit helping to clean up the Black Plague (most likely after causing it in the first place), started the Hundred Years' War and even manipulated the Tudor monarchy into conquering Ireland.

The family also possessed a spellbook, a book of "Unspeakable Evil" known as the Book of the Damned. All the spells they used, came from the book and interestingly, the spells that they used are mental-based magic. However, around 80 years ago, it was somehow lost, possibly during World War II.

In modern times, they even orchestrated the attacks of 9/11 and the events of the Arab Spring.

In 2015, a group of family members, led by Jacob Frankenstein set about searching for the Book of the Damned, wanting to reclaim it. All of them were defeated and killed in the final showdown by Sam, Dean, and Charlie. However, during his last breath, Jacob swore that his family will never stop looking for that book, indicating there are still many of the family members still active out of there.

The family later sent Eldon Frankenstein to track down Sam and Dean, and Eli Frankenstein to find Charlie. Dean captured Eldon who revealed that the family's real name is Frankenstein. After Mary Shelley found out their secrets and wrote a book about it, they had to change their name to hide themselves. The family harvests organs which they transplant into themselves to make themselves stronger and they capitalize on disastrous events to make a profit, often helping to cause them to begin with. The Book of the Damned only helped them until they lost it. The family extends all over the world and their ultimate leader is unknown to the lower members. Their search for the Book of the Damned led them to find and kill Charlie after she figured out how to translate the Book of the Damned, but refused to turn over what she discovered.


After Charlie's murder, Dean decides to slaughter the family in revenge. After tracking them to Sherveport, Louisiana, Dean breaks into the Styne mansion but is captured and taken for dissecting. Dean breaks free and kills Monroe, Eli and a nurse, but not before Monroe warns him of Eldon's raid on the Men of Letters bunker. Dean then kills the rest of the family in what Castiel says is a brutal manner. Returning to the bunker, Dean kills Roscoe, Eldon, and Cyrus despite the latter's hatred of his family. However, even though the American branch of the family have been wiped out, they are worldwide and there are still other members out there.

Powers and Abilities[]

It's a family specialty - bio-engineering, surgical enhancement... and I'm not talking about nose jobs. (...) Every man in the family's had a little something.

Due to a hybrid of magical knowledge and surgical enhancements, the family possessed several powers beyond humans. They do not all share the same powers and have not yet had a chance to exhibit all their powers.

  • Enhanced Durability - They have been shown a certain degree of enhanced durability, requiring greater force than normal to kill them. It took Dean emptying every round in his gun to kill one member. Another member was able to jump out of a third story building and land without a problem. He was also mostly unaffected by the blood loss of ripping his own arm off.
  • Enhanced Strength - One member showed a degree of superhuman strength, able to lift a grown man above his head and rip his own arm off. He was also able to kick down an iron door with no apparent struggle. Another was able to break down a wooden door with ease and strangle a grown man with one hand even after being shot five times and stabbed in the stomach with a knife.
  • Enhanced Agility -One member had enhanced agility, able to casually leap out of a third story building and land gracefully.
  • Spell Casting - They mastered a certain degree of magic that differed from the other magic practitioners on the show. However, not all of their powers were demonstrated.


Even with all that, you still only have one brain.
  • Extreme Physical Trauma - While the Stynes are very durable, enough wounds will kill them. One was killed by several shots to the chest and another fell from five chest shots and a knife to the stomach.
  • Broken Neck - It has been demonstrated that snapping their neck will kill a Styne.
  • Massive Brain Damage - The best demonstrated way to kill a Styne is to shoot them in the head, as despite all of their extra organs and enhancements, they only have one brain. Therefore, a bullet to it will kill them instantly.
  • Massive Blood Loss - Dean killed one by slitting his throat.
  • Massive Neck Injury - Charlie Bradbury was able to kill a Styne by stabbing him through the throat with a sword. Dean killed another by stabbing him in the neck with a knife.
  • Spinal Cord Severing - Charlie killed a Styne by stabbing him through his chest and back and Dean killed Roscoe by stabbing him in the spine with a knife.

Known Members[]

Known Possessions[]


  • Styne Nurse (deceased) - A nurse who worked for the family, apparently assisting with their organ harvesting. She was killed by Dean Winchester with her own lethal injection.
  • Jacob's Henchmen (three deceased, one unknown) - These four unnamed man worked for Jacob Frankenstein while he was hunting Charlie Bradbury and the Book of the Damned. Two were killed by Charlie and one was killed by Dean Winchester. It is unknown if the last was killed or not as he was last seen knocked unconscious by Dean.
  • Eldon's Henchman (deceased) - This unnamed man worked for the Styne Family and accompanied Eldon Frankenstein on his mission to retrieve the Book of the Damned and kill the Winchesters. He was ultimately killed by Dean Winchester.
  • Styne Mansion Guards (deceased) - These three unnamed men worked for the Styne Family and were guards at the mansion they lived in. All three were ultimately killed by Dean Winchester.


  • Mary Shelley (deceased) - Former acquaintance of the family when they were known as the House of Frankenstein. Discovered the family's secrets and forced them underground by writing her book, Frankenstein.
  • Charlie Bradbury (deceased) - The Styne Family began hunting down Charlie after she got her hands on the Book of the Damned. Eldon successfully located and killed her, though this soon backfired on the entire family when Dean Winchester massacred them all in revenge.
  • Dean Winchester - In retaliation for the death of Charlie Bradbury, the Mark-empowered Dean murdered the entire American branch of the family. Initially, Monroe had intended to steal his organs and use him as a test subject, only to die by Dean's hands.