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Stranger in a Strange Land is the season premiere of Season 14. It aired on October 11, 2018.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam enlists everyone's help in trying to track down Dean, who can literally be anywhere. Meanwhile, Castiel may be in over his head after meeting up with an unreliable source. After being drained of his grace in season 13, Jack is adjusting to life as a human, learning new skills and figuring out how he fits in to this world of hunters.


Three weeks after Michael took over Dean, the archangel visits Jamil Hamed, a muslim man praying to Allah. After revealing himself, he asks him the same question that he has been asking leaders, holy men, and murderers all over the world; what does he want. Jamil says he wants peace and love but Michael accuses him of lying saying if he had wanted peace he would not have abandoned his friends to die in Syria and if he wanted love he would not have cheated on his wife. He flings the man back and states he finds humanity not worth saving.

Mary had taken to training the new network of hunters

Mary had taken to training the new network of hunters and makes sure they get the cases solved, including with finding Dean and AU Michael

Sam returns to the bunker where Mary, Maggie, and the other Apocalypse World hunters are taking on cases and looking for Michael with Sam their appointed leader. Ketch is in London and Castiel is in Detroit looking for leads to find Michael and Dean though so far all efforts have been unsuccessful. Jack is training with Bobby and struggling to learn to fight and cope without his powers though Bobby assures him it takes time to learn.

Castiel meets with Kipling, a demon, demanding any information Hell has on where Dean and Michael are. After mocking Castiel and being unfazed by the Seraphim's threats, Kipling reveals all the other patrons are disguised demons who attack and subdue Castiel.

14x1 Anael sees Alternate Michael's true form

Anael sees Michael

Anael still posing as faith healer Sister Jo, is confronted by Michael who asks her the same question he's been asking; what does she want. Anael though perturbed by Michael's appearance and confused as to why Dean would say yes, answers that she wants various expensive trinkets. Michael accuses her of lying and tells her he knows she wants love and family calling it very human and disappointing. He reveals he knows that the number of angels in this world is extremely low and he had considered helping but believes they are not worth saving either.

In the bunker, Mary tells Sam that someone has woken up - revealed to be Nick, Lucifer's old vessel. He is alive and dealing with the aftermath of hosting Lucifer.


The Team get ready to rescue Castiel

Sam then gets a call from Kipling on Castiel's phone demanding that he come alone. Kipling tells Castiel that someone asked him what he wanted and when asked he had no idea. When he took time to think about it, he decided he wanted everything.

Stranger in a Strange Land 15

Kipling offers Sam a deal

Maggie, Mary, Bobby and Jack go to confront Kipling with Sam handing the demon-killing knife to Mary. He goes in alone but Kipling knows he came with others revealing Maggie and Jack. Kipling offers to make a deal; he wants Sam's blessing to be the new King of Hell believing he needs the Winchesters support to be successful. With Crowley and Asmodeus dead, Hell is in turmoil. Sam rejects this offer and Mary and Bobby enter firing demon killing bullets.

Mary confronts one of Kipling's demon henchmen

Mary battles one of Kipling's demon henchmen

Sam fights Kipling with Mary tossing him the demon killing knife, whilst Mary and Bobby fight the other demons. One demon manages to knock Bobby down which prompts Jack to step in and fight, though he is quickly knocked down as well. Mary gives Maggie an angel blade to fight with which she uses to kill a demon and Sam finally manages to kill Kipling. He shouts for the fight to stop and states that there will be no new King of Hell. The other demons smoke out of their bodies.

Back in the bunker, Sam tells Castiel that Ketch's trip to London to find the device that cast Lucifer out of the President to use on Michael has been unsuccessful as well. Castiel apologises to Sam for meeting with the demons but Sam admits it was a good idea and that if it meant finding Dean he would do anything. Castiel then goes to Jack who lets out his frustrations about not having his powers anymore and that he's useless and has nothing. Castiel tells him he has his family and that his grace should hopefully restore itself in time.

Sam gets a call from Anael who says that they have big problems. Michael meanwhile seems to have finally found someone to answer his question truly honestly and a species that seems worth saving - vampires - and states that they should work well together.


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  • Dean Armstrong as Kipling
  • Patrick Sparling as Demon
  • Dumisile Owane as Woman

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  • When Castiel met with Kipling, he was under the impression that he was meeting the demon alone, before the latter revealed the bar was filled with his demonic backup, previously unbeknownst to the Seraph. This shouldn't be possible, as angels can see demons in their true form, without even requiring conscious effort, as in Season 6, Castiel could see the true face of Meg and other demons, even when he had no memory of being an angel.
  • Some of Kipling's Henchmen disappear after Castiel's initial capture. A few of the demons seen attacking Castiel are missing during the later fight scene with no explanation given for the drop in number.
    • Its possible that Castiel managed to kill a few before actually being taken down, or that they were taken down outside by Mary and Bobby off-screen.
  • The presence of a living Nick contradicts the fact that the vessel dies along with the angel when it is killed. This Lucifer's vessel suffered many fatal injuries, such as being shot in the head (Abandon All Hope...) and stabbed in the heart (Let the Good Times Roll), so there was no way Nick's soul could remain in his body after Lucifer's death.



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