Ow! That hurts. This is for Hurricane Katrina you said?
— The man's stoned reaction to getting his blood taken by the Winchesters.
in There Will Be Blood

This unnamed man was left in a stoned state by the Leviathan additive spread by SucroCorp.


While going after the Alpha Vampire for his blood, Dean spotted the man sitting on a bench sipping a drink and clearly stoned by the Leviathan additive. Dean realized that since the blood of people on the additive was poisonous to vampires, the man's blood would make a better alternative for dead man's blood.

Approaching the man, Sam started to make up an excuse about them being from the Red Cross, but the man was so stoned out that Sam realized he wasn't getting a word he was saying. Dean simply ordered the man to hold out his arm so that they could take his blood to Sam's shock, but the man wordlessly complied, continuing to sip on his drink. Though Sam hesitated to take the man's blood in public, Dean pointed out how everyone around was stoned so they didn't need to come up with an excuse. As Sam draws his blood, the man barely reacts to either the action or the Winchesters conversation besides to watch them in silence.



  • Given the sounds the man's drink made when he was sipping from it, the drink was empty and he was too stoned to realize it.
  • Dean was later able to use his blood to kill a vampire at the Alpha Vampire's lair.
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