Stewie Meyers was a technician who kept track of the records at the Ohio Phone Company. He kept a filthy office, filled with flies.



Stewie's workstation

While investigating a man's suicide and posing as phone company HQ reps, Sam and Dean were referred to Stewie by his boss, Clark Adams. When they first approached Stewie's work space, they busted him viewing Busty Asian Beauties, and several other adult themed sites, on his computer. When Sam initially requested that he trace number "SHA33," Stewie tried to wave off the request by calling it "prehistoric" and not possibly still being used and suggested he was too busy to trace it. Not until Dean threatened to report his "six kinds of employee code violations" and the "sickening porn clogging up his hard drive" did he reconsider and complete the trace. He couldn't figure out where the number was from, but gave them a list of ten different houses that had gotten calls from the number in the previous two weeks.

When Sam realized that the strange calls being  made around Milan, OH were not being made to people by their loved ones (as Dean believed they were) he surmised that a Crocotta must be the culprit. He remembered that as scavengers, crocottas live in filth, and that Stewie at the phone company was filthy. Sam went back to the phone co. to confront Stewie and accosted him the parking lot. He pinned him against his car, then prepared to kill him with a metal spike. Stewie claimed to have no idea what Sam was talking about and pleaded with Sam not to kill him. As Sam began to doubt his conclusions, Stewie's boss, Clark, struck Sam from behind and knocked him out.

Stewie was very thankful, until he realized that Clark was going to strike him as well. Clark knocked him out and took both unconscious men back into the building and bound them to chairs. When they woke up, Clark killed Stewie and then fed on his soul.


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