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Stevie was one of the many people from Apocalypse World who traveled to the Main Universe through a rift.


Season 15[]

In The Rupture, Stevie, along with two other hunters, watches over the perimeter of the quarantine zone, noticing that the Hell Ghosts attacks on the barrier are increasing. Stevie calls Sam after Rowena's spell begins to take hold on the barrier, but soon fails. Later, Stevie goes through the quarantine zone to the cemetery to give Rowena her needed spell ingredients so that the witch could close the Rupture to Hell.

When Rowena sacrifices herself to send the ghosts back to Hell, Stevie watches in relief as they are all sucked away. Later, Dean tells Sam that he's heard from Stevie and the town is as good as can be expected. However, she also reports that Arthur Ketch has been brutally murdered, probably by a demon.

In Despair, some time after the Hell ghost incident, Bobby sent Charlie to help Stevie on a hunt. When Stevie proved herself to be effective on her own, Charlie complimented her skills. After Stevie called Charlie out on her attempts to flirt with her, the two began a relationship together. Stevie was making breakfast for Charlie when she finally put away a gun that she had been working on and takes the breakfast, Charlie tells Stevie that she wants to go on a "date" hunting down some shapeshifters. Stevie suddenly disappears, her plate falls on the floor.

Charlie calls in the Winchesters and explains to them that Bobby sent Charlie to Stevie to back her up on a djinn case, and they ended up together. She wonders why Stevie disappeared and not her, and Dean admits that they don't know why. Charlie says that she didn't see or smell anything, and realizes that the Winchesters know something. The Winchesters tell Charlie that Death wants to send everyone from other worlds back, to worlds that don't exist anymore and they figure Stevie fits a pattern.

When confronted by Dean, Billie reveals that its actually God, not her. God soon after erases every living thing on Earth from existence aside from the Winchesters and Jack.

In Inherit the Earth, after becoming the new God, Jack reverses God's erasure of every living thing on Earth, restoring Stevie.