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Steve Bacic (b. March 13, 1965) is a Canadian actor of Croatian origin.

He is known for playing the character Telemachus Rhade on the Sci-Fi series Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda. After being a guest star in season 1-3, he joined the cast early in season four. In total, he was in 44 of the 110 Andromeda episodes

His television roles have included appearances on Street JusticeThe Outer LimitsHighlanderStargate SG-1Smallville and The X-Files where he played a SWAT officer who douses himself with gasoline in a memorable episode. His film appearances include The 6th DayThresholdX2 and the Hallmark Channelfilm The Colt, and most recently, Deck the HallsSafe Harbor and She Made Them Do It on Lifetime.

On Supernatural, he portrayed the fictional character Doctor Sexy in the season 5 episode Changing Channels. He also makes an appearance in the season's gag reel.

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