Starr was a vampire and the leader of a nest.


Starr was kicked out by her father and left homeless. She met Sheriff Len Cuse, a vampire who soon took her in and turned her into a vampire in the '60s. Once a part of his nest Starr adopted Len's philosophy of using every part of the humans they kill, and to not just drink their blood. When Len developed a conscience and left the nest, Starr and the others were devastated by his betrayal and sought to find him.

After spotting Len's photo in the newspaper, Starr and her nest tracked him down to Hibbing, Minnesota, and began feeding on various people there. This attracted the attention of Jody Mills, who realized the attacks weren't by animals, and she called Sam and Dean.

The group initially suspected Len was the culprit, but after stalking him to a barn, they were attacked by Starr and her nest, who then tied them up, and ordered Len to kill all of them, so he could rejoin their nest. Len refused, and was decapitated by Starr.

Before Starr could harm her captives, Dean broke free and grabbed the machete Starr had dropped after killing Len. As Dean engaged the other two vampires, Starr went after him only to be knocked to the ground by Jody. Dean easily killed the other two members of Starr's nest and Starr turned on Jody in a rage for interrupting. Before Starr could kill Jody, Donna Hanscum broke free and decapitated Starr with another machete, killing her.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality - Starr had the potential to live forever and was not subjected to age or disease. Starr stated she was 19 when talking to Jody but judging from her 60s attire, she may have been a vampire for forty years.
  • Fangs - Starr possessed a set of retractable fangs.
  • Super Senses - Starr was able to locate corpses using his heightened sense of smell.


  • Decapitation - Starr was killed when Donna beheaded her with a machete.



  • Starr was Sheriff Donna Hanscum's first monster kill. She is later implied in Wayward Sisters to specialize in killing vampires such as Starr by Jody Mills.
  • When Donna killed Starr, she quipped "Hakuna Matata, lady." This is reference to Starr's comments about what she did being part of the circle of life.
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