Stanton was the brother of Bunny LaCroix.

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Stanton was the youngest brother of Bunny. They apparently did not have a positive relationship since Stanton looked down on her. When Bunny died, Stanton and his other relatives came to the LaCroix mansion to partake in the funeral.

When Sam and Dean Winchester arrived as well, Stanton was in the middle of playing pool. His child bride Amber was disrupting him by cheering, though not on purpose.

After dinner, Stanton and his wife retreated to their bedroom where Stanton, drunk and still drinking wine, accused Amber of cheating on him, since his cousin Beverly had caught her sexting and using a peeled banana emoticon. Amber argued that she was texting her mother, who loved fruit.

Amber accused him of being paranoid, comparing him to Lance since they both seemed to enjoy accusing their wives of sleeping around. Stanton stood in Lance's defense, saying his sister was a hooker. Amber felt disgusted by Stanton's disregard for the dead, so she escaped into the bathroom, slamming the door in his face.

Alone, Stanton turned to look at the portrait of his sister and Lance and expressed joy that both of them were gone. Suddenly, a voice called to him, and it wasn't Amber. Stanton left the bedroom and marched down the hall, where he was confronted by what appeared to be Lance. Amber arrived soon after, just in time to witness Lance chop Stanton's head off with an axe.

Amber tried to tell the relatives that Lance's ghost was the culprit, but Heddy found her story ridiculous and believed she had done it herself because she was cheating. While Amber's story proved false since the murderer was a shapeshifter, Dean found out that Amber was indeed cheating on Stanton with Dash, though neither had any intention of killing Stanton. The real murderer was Stanton's niece Olivia, who punished him for being disrespectful.

His death was later avenged when Dean killed Olivia after she was found out.

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