The Standoff at the Cabin occurred between the Prince of Hell Azazel and the Winchester Family.


Sam and Dean secured the Colt and rescued their father John from demons, exorcizing the demon possessing Meg, and killing Tom in the process. After the rescue, they hid in a cabin in an unspecified location while waiting for John to recuperate.[1]


Sam, Dean and John Winchester hid at a cabin within an unspecified woods. The hunters secure the area by pouring salt on the entrances to keep any demon attackers at bay. While discussing their plans, Sam and Dean began to suspect that their father was possessed. Although initially doubtful themselves, the brothers were finally convinced that John was indeed possessed by the yellow-eyed demon.

They threatened to shoot Azazel, but not wanting to hurt their father, the two hesitated. Azazel then used the opportunity to disable the hunters. Azazel still did not reveal his endgame, but told them that he was seeking vengeance for his children, Meg and Tom, exorcized and killed respectively by Sam and Dean earlier.

Dean traded barbs with Azazel, which prompted the demon to inflict severe wounds to Dean. Sam attempted but failed to use his psychic powers to aid his brother. As he was losing blood fast, Dean pleaded his father not to let Azazel kill him. In a brief moment of control, John managed to suppress Azazel. The old hunter begged for his sons to shoot him. Sam shot his father in his thigh. Again, John urged Sam to end it all, but Sam dared not to. As the two hunters argued, Azazel fled John and escaped into the woods, undeterred by the salt barrier the hunters planted.


The Winchesters were injured and fled the cabin and into the road. The Colt had one bullet left, and the family made plans on how to find and kill Azazel.


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