Stan Hinkle was one of two men responsible for the death of Chester Johnson.


One night, Stan is enthusiastically watching a football match on television, and ignores his wife who wants him to take out the garbage. Fran does it herself, and when she returns, she finds Stan dead at the hands of someone in a bunny costume.

This leads Donna Hanscum to call in Dean and Sam to investigate. The trio discover Mike Hooks under the mask, and Mike's girlfriend seems confused over the matter, as neither know Stan.

Dean manages to piece together that another victim, Phil Evans, and Stan were college roommates. They both knew Chester Johnson, and had accused him of crossing the line with their kids. They approached Chester's sister, Rita, who was initially hostile, but began to believe their accusations.

Intent on scaring Chester off, the two men approached Chester one day. They took him to a bridge and dangled him over the side. Due to Chester's constant shaking and screaming, they lose hold of him, and Chester fell to his death. This led to the latter becoming a vengeful spirit.


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