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Stakes are sharpened pieces of a material, usually wood, with supernatural properties, that can be used as a weapon.

Wooden Stakes[]

Stakes made of ordinary wood, dipped in the blood of a certain victim, can be lethal to Tricksters. Sam and Dean attempt to kill the Trickster in Changing Channels by stabbing him with a wood stake dipped in an imaginary victim's blood. When the stake fails to kill the Trickster, the Winchesters deduce that they are not actually dealing with a Trickster.

In Hammer of the Gods, Dean uses a wooden stake to kill Zao Shen.

In What's Up, Tiger Mommy? Beau uses a stake to kill Plutus. Crowley then uses the stake to kill one of Plutus' henchmen.

In Fan Fiction, Sam kills Calliope with a wooden stake that had an unknown blessing performed on it.

Palo Santo Stakes[]

A stake made of Palo Santo ("Holy Wood") from Peru can immobilize demons as demonstrated by Tamara in The Magnificent Seven when she uses it to stop a demon possessing the corpse of Isaac.

Evergreen Stakes[]

These stakes will kill certain Pagan Deities, as seen in A Very Supernatural Christmas in which Sam and Dean use such weapons to kill Madge and Edward Carrigan.

Cypress Stake[]

Cypress Stakes are made from the branch of a Cypress tree found in Babylon. It's the only known thing that can kill the Whore of Babylon. However, it must be wielded by a true servant of Heaven in order for it to work.

In the Season 5's 99 Problems, Castiel acquires a Cypress stake from Babylon to use against the Whore, who is trying to condemn the inhabitants of a town to Hell. Neither Castiel nor the Winchester brothers consider themselves to be true servants of Heaven (Castiel and Dean have both openly defied Heaven, and Sam is an "abomination"), so they give it to the town's priest Pastor Gideon instead. However, when the group confronts the Whore of Babylon, Gideon drops the stake in the struggle that ensues. Dean picks it up, and although both he and the Whore are convinced it won't work, he stabs her though the chest with it. Surprisingly, it works and the Whore is killed. The Cypress stake is incinerated in the process.

The fact that Dean was able to kill the Whore - thus qualifying as a "true servant of Heaven" - makes Sam worry that he's going to give in to the Archangel Michael.

Olive Wood Stakes[]

In Time After Time, its revealed that a 1000 year old Olive wood stake carved by vestal virgins and dipped in the blood of something ("you don't want to know") can be used to kill the god Chronos. Sam manages to kill him with one eventually.

Lightning-Struck Tree Stakes[]

In Remember the Titans, Sam and Dean discover that Zeus can be killed by a stake made from a tree that has been struck by lightning. They make stakes to use on Zeus, but fail due to the intervention of Artemis. Ultimately, Zeus is killed instead by an arrow from Artemis used by Prometheus.

Oak Stakes[]

Going after the Roman Goddess Vesta in Rock and a Hard Place, Jody Mills discovers she can only be killed by an oak stake stained in the blood of a virgin. Getting the blood of a local virgin, Sam and Jody go after Vesta. Jody tries to stab Vesta with the stake, but Vesta catches her and nearly kills her with it, but Sam stops her, though she does get non-fatally stabbed. While Vesta is distracted with Sam, Jody stabs her through the heart from behind with the stake, killing her.

Silver Stakes[]

Silver stakes are used in the process of killing wendigos by shattering their hearts, they can also kill certain types of zombies. A zombie can be killed by driving a silver stake to the heart or by staking them in their graves. Dean killed the zombie Angela Mason by staking her in her grave with a silver stake in Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things. Dean also killed two zombies by just driving a silver stake to their hearst in It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester. In Optimism, Dean tells Jack that they have to stake Vance to his coffin with a silver stake to kill him as headshots won't work on the type of zombie Vance is.

White Ash Stakes[]

In the non-canon novel Supernatural: Mythmaker, a white ash stake was the only thing that could kill the creature known as Sheepsquatch. The Underwood family refused to reveal where they had learned this weakness from or let anyone else touch or use the stake.


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