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It was used in a dominance display against the Egyptians, as I recall.

The Staff of Moses is an extremely powerful weapon, originally used by the prophet Moses.

Though an angelic weapon, it apparently can be "sawed off", as Balthazar did to make more of it to be used.


The Staff holds the power to generate any of the Ten Egyptian Plagues. It can be honed to affect certain targets. It can even affect Angels in vessels.

According to Castiel, the staff could not be used at full capacity because it was split into several pieces.


  • In both the book of Exodus and television media, the Staff of Moses could turn into a snake, be used to turn water into blood and part the Red Sea.
  • Aaron Birch who once used a piece of the staff shares his name with Moses' brother Aaron. In a later season, the Rod of Aaron would be shown.