Stacy is a teenage girl who resides in Lebanon, Kansas.

History[edit | edit source]

On "Skip Day", Stacy and her friends have ditched school and are hanging outside the Lebanon movie theater discussing the rumors about the "Campbell brothers", "their weird sidekick with the trench coat and that kid with the dumb Bambi look on his face all the time." Stacy was the objection of affections for Max, and seemed to reciprocate it. In order to impress Stacy, she steals the Impala - complete with the collection of cursed and mystical objects Sam and Dean are taking back to the bunker.

The kids go to a house out on Route 36, and go through the items they found in the Impala. Stacy was alerted of the Winchesters coming by Eliot, but blows him off until she sees them. From an old cigar box, the ghost of John Wayne Gacy emerges and terrorizes the kids. The Winchesters tell the teens to stay put as they deal with Gacy.

While Sam and Dean go inside the house, Stacy stays out with her friends as Eliot is still curious on their activities and quickly dashes back as a worried Stacy and Max chase after him. The teens arrive in time to see Sam set Gacy's cigar box aflame and witness Gacy's spirit burn away. Rather than excuse the act, the brothers sat the teens down and explain that monsters and ghosts are real, with their jobs being at hunting them but they cannot tell anyone to avoid a panic. The teens now understood what the brothers did and agreed to their secret after feeling guilt at their theft.

After use of the Baozhu causes John Winchester to appear from 2003, the timeline is disrupted with Stacy's memories of the Winchesters. Stacy, Max, and Eliot are eating at the restaurant where Max's mother Caitlin works, when Zachariah and Castiel appear from 2003 to find out who is meddling with the timeline. Sam and Dean arrive, allowing Caitlin and the kids to escape.

After the timeline is restored, the kids are discussing that the Winchesters are hunters, as Stacy and Max are shown to have furthered their status by holding hands.

She hangs out with her friends and is annoyed by Eliot's rants about monsters. They notice Jack and recall his status with Sam and Dean. The trio tell him that they of the brothers' activities and ask him to join at their hangout the following day. While studying, Stacy and Max almost have a moment but Eliot interrupts them. Jack arrives and Elliot begins to pester him about monsters; the three teenagers are entranced by his explanation of demons. Soon he tries to impress them by showing off with an angel blade, but he keeps missing the tree trunk he is trying to hit. Annoyed, he uses his powers to make the blade fly through the air. At first the teens are impressed, but they slowly become more frightful as the episode goes on. Stacy tries to leave, but is accidentally impaled by the blade. Horrified, Jack uses his powers to heal her, but the teenagers don't want anything to do with him anymore. They tell him to stay away from them and leave Jack standing alone in the backyard.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Stacy is one of many LGBT characters featured in Supernatural. She apparently has some degree of affection to Max, as seen at the end of their appearance and their second appearance.
  • She is the second person Jack injured with his powers, the first was the security guard.
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