Okay. When my mom was killed, uh, uh, Rowena tried to bring her back but she couldn't. She needed a body which we didn't have. Turns out, Rowena was working on a way to bring her back, a way around that, a... a way to make the spirit flesh. (...) We ended up finding out that my mom was in Heaven already and happy so... She never finished it.
Wait. That was you?
Uh, it wasn't all me, Sam. I just gave you half the spell. You did the rest all on your own.
Sam and God discuss the revelation that God led Sam to the spell.
in The Trap

The Spirit Resurrection Spell is a resurrection spell created by witch Rowena MacLeod to make a spirit flesh and in so doing, bring them back to life.


Following the death of Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean sought to bring her back. To this end, as Mary couldn't be brought back by the Necromantiorum since they lacked her body, witch Rowena MacLeod began creating this spell intended to turn spirits into flesh as an alternative. However, she stopped work on the spell after learning that Mary was happy in Heaven.

Months later, Sam found the spell while looking through Rowena's journals and saw it as a way to bring Eileen Leahy back to life. However, the spell was also sought by the Witch Mother and her daughter Emily to bring back Jacinda who had died raiding the apartment. The Witch Mother warned Sam that the spell would only work once before Billie discovered the loophole and closed it.

After dispatching the witches, Sam performed the spell on Eileen's ghost in the Men of Letters bunker. The spell was successful and Eileen was immediately resurrected.

God later reveals that he purposefully led Sam to the spell as part of his plans. God admits that it wasn't all him though as he only gave Sam half the spell and Sam did the rest all on its own.


The spell is relatively simple, requiring a tub full of water which unknown herbs must be poured into and the ghost of the person being resurrected. The ghost of the person who is being resurrected must submerge themselves in the water. Once the ghost is submerged, the caster must recite the following incantation:

"Mortuum oritur. Rutum revertitur. Ex spiritum incarnatum est. Oriatur et educatur. Oriatur et educatur."

(Rough Translation: "Dead rise. Quickly return. The spirit incarnate. Rises and withdrawn. Rises and withdrawn.")

Once the incantation is finished, the spirit is immediately made flesh again and the person is resurrected. However, even if their ghost is wearing clothes, they come back naked.

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