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A spell is a magical formula employed to carry out a supernatural action. Spells are a key component in Witchcraft. A spell could consist of a ritual action, a set of words, a verse, or any combination of these. Although the majority of spells are spoken in ancient languages (e.g. Latin), some spells may be performed in the native language of the caster.


While the majority of spells consist of specific ingredients and ritualistic actions, some spells only require a verbal recitation. Some spells may also involve the summoning of a Higher Power with the caster pleading for them to do their bidding. Nevertheless, it is known that whenever a person casts a spell, not only are they channeling energy from a mystical source of power, but are also channeling that energy through themselves which partially remains within them. According to a witch named Rowena MacLeod, this is what builds a person's residual power, claiming that each time a person casts a spell, the power they are channeling will add on top of the power before. For those who exercise these powers daily and properly, they will eventually become witches. However, for those who only practice these powers occasionally, such as Hunters, they will remain ordinary.


While the majority of spells require specific languages that are commonly Latin-based, it has been proven that not all spells are bound to this requirement and other languages such as Babylonian and Sumerian can also be used in casting effective spells. Nevertheless, regardless of the text of which the incantation is written, the caster does not have to understand the language for the spell to be successful, but pronouncing the words correctly is imperative.


Spells are the medium by which every person must use in order to achieve a magical effect. Spells vary greatly in their composition and requirements, but are essentially a supernatural method with the power to produce a desired result. What these results are range from modifying one or more aspects of reality to reshaping the very nature of the entire world. It is also known that particularly powerful spells requires the caster to have a considerably high level of experience in order for the spell to be successful. Most, if not all, spells can affect archangels. Also spells can be cast even when a witch is bound by iron as evidenced by Rowena casting the spell to remove the Mark of Cain.


  • Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to be a witch in order to cast spells. Everyone, from human to non-human, is able to cast spells, given the know-how.
  • While everyone, from human to non-human, has the power to cast spells, witches are known to have more knowledge and understanding of the supernatural forces that permeates the universe. Thus, witches are able to cast much more powerful spells than the ordinary person.