Spell of Gathering
The spell of gathering, it's an incantation used to focus the power of celestial beings, angels, against all drawn forms of evasion.

The Spell of Gathering is a spell used to erase any kind of wardings.

This spell was developed by the Men of Letters, thought it was "highly theoretical magic" and had never been tested.


The spell uses various ingredients, most of which are unknown. The only shown ingredients are: dried seahorse (cut in half), umbilical cord, brain, dried gecko, tuber of unknown plant, and a bottle of unknown grain, among other things. The ingredients must be mixed in a bowl atop a sigil consisted with enochian runes. The last ingredient is the power of an archangel, which is very difficult to obtain. For that reason, the spell was not tested by anyone until Sam and Lucifer decided to use it.


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