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[[Category:Types of Ghost]]
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A specter is a type of ghost that possesses someone holding a grudge over a betrayal whether it be small or not or regardless of how long ago it was.

They are created when a person dies feeling greatly betrayed by the person who causes their death.


A specter awakens when there is a case of grave desecration. Much like other types of ghosts, sprinkling salt to its corpse and burning it will stop the chain of possession. However, if an object closely related to the specter was left out of the pyre, the haunting will continue, in this case the person must be in constant contact with the object.

They are able to possess anyone with intense feelings of suppressed anger, betrayal or any other similar emotion, unlike all other possessors, the person is still them, but the specter is influencing their actions, forcing them to act on their grudges. Once it leaves its host, the anger of the host immediately subsides, and the host often exhibits short-term memory loss and can only vaguely recall events during their possession.

When possessing a person, the person knows that they are being possessed, and about the specter, even if they're unaware of the existence of specters, suggesting it mentally shares knowledge with them, the person however doesn't resist it, down to the Specter's influence over them.

The specter is also powerless when attached to a person who doesn't hold any sense of betrayal, as there is no anger to fuel.

Unlike all other ghosts, a specter doesn't appear able to take physical form, and is forced to possess others.


A specter's true form, much like that of other creatures, can be revealed by a mirror. Its true form appears like the rotting corpse of the specter. While possessing humans, there does not appear to have a visible change other than the presence of an angry demeanor. The key feature however, is the presence of ectoplasm. However, in the case of specters, the ectoplasm is not black like it usually is, but a mossy green.

Powers and Abilities


A specter, is identified by the presence of green ectoplasm.

  • Ghost possession - A specter can possess anyone in contact with the object the specter is tied to.
  • Super strength - A Specter imbues its host with increased strength.
  • Super Durability - When possessing a person, it greatly enhances their durability, one described being punched in the face as "tickling".
  • Emotion detection - A specter can identify humans with suppressed anger and a severe sense of betrayal and would even prefer possessing such hosts.
  • Anger fueling - The specter increases the host's volatility and prevents suppression of their rage
  • Ectoplasm secretion - Specters secrete a green ectoplasm rather than black
  • Electronic Manipulation - When possessing someone, specters can't be filmed, as their head just appears as a blip.


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